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Active Duty Military to Start-Up Employee

After spending five years in the military I learned a lot of information that I didn’t think would be relatable in the outside world, until I got hired on at a start-up. I transitioned out of the military and into a job working as an Account Executive for my friends Web Design Start-Up. After a couple of days of working with them I realized that a good portion of my military experience is going to transition into this new career path.

Here are the biggest similarities that I have noticed…

Information is a living thing:

In the military missing information can be detrimental to the mission at hand. A missed piece of information may in a start-up may not has as drastic of a result as it does in the military, but it can be the difference in signing or losing a new client. Attention to detail is the main thing to take away, and to always be looking out for what other people are looking over.

Work hours can change randomly:

You are constantly on your toes when working in the military, having to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Similar to working in a start-up you have to be able to work whenever the boss calls you. It is a necessity to understand that companies operate 24/7 so you might be asked to put in some strange hours in order to help everything run smoothly.

Think as a team not an individual:

It is an obvious statement to say that working as a team is vital in the military. The way that it comes to play within a start-up is that you need to understand that your actions truly make a difference on whether or not the company will succeed or not. An individual can make or break a start-up, so put your full effort into every task you do.

Work comes home with you:

You are a service member on and off duty, which means you are taking work home with you. Similar to a start-up you are going to need to bring work home with you in order to complete tasks and jobs that you could not fit into your normal work day.

Stay motivated:

Motivation is key to surviving the harsh life of being in the military, through its ups and downs you just need to remember to keep your head high. This is also true when working with a start-up, there will be some trying when you are trying to figure out exactly what you have to offer to the company. Just remember that you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t have something to offer.

I am a quick learning, entrepreneur that believes anything is possible with dedication. I am a hardworking individual with a heart for business and a head for problem solving.