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According to a release, 99 percent [] Others criticized the unions for their efforts to unseat Huizenga. People think I was thrusted upon them. In a statement from Huizenga on Tuesday that was sent to staff and families, she wrote, in part: Im writing to let you know that Ms. Chali Davis has informed me of her decision to resign from her position as Principal of Milford High School effective, June 30, 2021. SOUTHBRIDGE Underscrutiny for years because of rampant turnover at the top, the school district is againin search of aleader after the resignation of state-appointed receiverJessica L. Huizenga. By, March 2023 Fund Drive Rules and Regulations, Persons with disabilities who need assistance accessing NHPR's FCC public files, please contact us at [email protected]. These past two years have been challenging for the MHS community and alongside with each other, we have sought to meet the many challenges with courage, grit, humor and determination., together in the midst of a crisis and have done the very best they could., I am proud to have served this community, and I value the connections we have made,. In accepting Ms. Huizengas resignation, the acting commissioner thanked Ms. Huizenga for her efforts in the district. Fellow board member Mike Hannon said echoed Tlapas sentiment. The decision comes just days after Christi Michaud, the assistant superintendent of schools for SAU 40, took over as interim superintendent as Jessica Huizenga begins to leave.She resigned from . "We have had over 20 meetings with the Superintendent to work through these issues," said Suzanne Schedin, vice president of the Milford Teachers' Association. During the course of these interactions, Morgan claimed, she reached out to "multiple people" in the district, "at least 10 documented instances," after she became concerned with the some of the topics Siegrist was discussing with her, but never received a response. Huizenga resigned from her post in early December 2020. Siegrist did not return a phone call for comment about the matter. Weitere Informationen ber die Verwendung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklrung und unserer Cookie-Richtlinie. They allege Huizenga has made drastic changes without input from staff, including introducing new teacher evaluations, reappropriating Title I funds, and spending $80,000 on consulting services. That still hasnt happened. Jessica Huizenga began a leave of absence. The J. Southbridge is an impoverished shithole whose teachers don't get paid nearly enough, because their jobs are much harder than teachers in affluent communities. This board is not functioning like that., Carvell disagrees with those who feel that Huizenga wasnt a good fit for the district, calling her, the best superintendent around., We have a superintendent who cares about kids, he said. Dr. Its just pouring over everywhere.. A question was raised by Milford resident and educator Brenda Walker regarding the evaluation of Milford superintendent Dr. Jessica Huizenga. I find it deeply concerning that any superintendent would request a contract modification in the middle of a term and I would not support such a request without having performed a thorough evaluation and without having the utmost confidence that such an action would be in the best interest of the students and the district.. In this episode, Dr. Jessica Huizenga, Superintendent of Milford School District in Milford, New Hampshire shares her story of life and leadership. Ms. Huizengagave a written statement to the newspaper. Deputy Commissioner Jeff Wulfson has been leading the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education since June 27, a day after the death of longtime Commissioner Mitchell Chester. This decision comes with a heavy heart as I really have enjoyed being on the board and meeting so many great people in our community. Siegrist's resignation comes at a tumultuous time for the district and board as it faces questions about the hiring of Huizenga, resignations in the district, and contentious meetings during the . The committee will be discussed at our upcoming meeting on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020, at the Milford High School lecture hall. Would you like to receive our daily news? Join Facebook to connect with Jessica Huizenga and others you may know. Holyoke and Lawrence are the others. But here's the thing that the Turtlegram is electing NOT to report - she was driven out of Cambridge in a plagiarism scandal. Siegrist was confronted during a discussion about board conduct and she read from a prepared statement, calling the statements "libelous poison" that were "purely malicious and intended to be spiteful and harmful." The state took over management of Southbridge schools, a district of about 2,200 students, in January 2016, after the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education deemed it a Level 5 chronically underperforming district. Join thousands already receiving our daily newsletter. I want to talk about the kids. I was really unhappy with the way the board was operating, he said. Here are some things to know. MILFORD, NH A Milford School Board member tendered her resignation after two years on the board amid a misconduct investigation into confidential employee information in the school district being shared with the public. Sign up for free Patch newsletters and alerts. Free Stuff; Home Design, Milford Restaurants To Take Mom To On Mexican Mothers Day, T-Mobile Tuesdays: Get Free Stuff And Great Perks Every Week, Nashua Home Design Center Educational Series presents An Evening of Bathroom Design, Gail Westergren Scholarship Pancake Breakfast, A Fire; A Festival; Fentanyl Facts; Fancy Flats; More: PM Patch NH, Local Jobs: See Who's Hiring In The Milford Area, Milford Weather Forecast For The Week Ahead. There have been over 48 resignations thus far this year and it is only May. Thats her passion. This is about doing the right thing even when it is uncomfortable.". More than 150 union members were recently asked if they are confident in the ability of Dr. Jessica Huizenga, superintendent for SAU 40, to provide effective leadership for Milford schools. Jaime Morgan, a technology support employee at the school for three years, requested an investigation with the district and the state concerning a possible violation of RSA 42:1a, a breach of confidentiality of town officials and their oaths. So were back to square one. Join thousands already receiving our daily newsletter. Carvell said this isnt just a problem in Milford; other districts in other cities have had similar problems. Our initial committee meetings, where we create the leadership profile, will be held in public. In a very short amount of time, she gracefully tackled some significant and important items that have long needed attention, positioning MHS to move forward into the future.. Stirring conversations about big bucks and a whammy, Huizengas original Jan. 8, 2019 contract, under line 10, termination without cause, specified that, the district shall pay to the superintendent, in a lump sum as severance pay, the salary and the value of the fringe benefits that she would have earned under this contract up to a maximum of (6) months.. Join Facebook to connect with Jessica Huizenga and others you may know. The board is also scheduled to vote Tuesday on Wulfson's salary as acting commissioner. In doing so, I have sought and received significant input from staff and the community.". If you forget it, you'll be able to recover it using your email address. Cabinet file photos MILFORD - Following months of back-and-forth discourse, misinformation, and an effort towards transparency, Milford school superintendent Dr. Jessica Huizenga and board chair Ron Carvell recently shared their thoughts on "Milford Citizen," accountability and the Milford district's effort to maintain a quality education for all students. Sagan is suggesting a 10 percent raise to $184,827.50, effective June 27 until Wulfson concludes his service in the role. Mr. Lazo was part of a School Committee in 2015 that appointed Steven B. Bliss to the superintendency without a traditional search process. At the Board's special meeting on August 15, Dr. Johnston will provide an update on the work in Southbridge. I left because I wasnt going to be part of destroying a town. The recommendation must be by at least a two-thirds vote, and if the secretary declines to appoint the board's chosen candidate, its members then select a new one. That person has no more authority than any other board member., Ill sit here and be very respectful in my last term,, I didnt speak out of turn. New Hampshire Public Radio | Under her guidance, Latinos for Education will continue to oversee and manage local leadership and fellowship programs designed to build a pipeline of education leaders that directly impact student outcomes. I didnt want it to look like we were bossing the district around. The other day we published this blog about disgraced former Southbridge Public Schools superintendent/state receiver Jessica Huizenga, who is a finalist for the superintendent job in Lynn. At the beginning of the 2019 school year, meetings were often heated, due in some part, to the hiring of Dr. Huizenga who many teachers felt should have never been permanently hired as school superintendent and wanted her to resign then. Because I dont look as the chair as being the boss of the district. The superintendent is simply doing her job to help us with the policy changes that we have made after ample discussions at our public meetings.. The new contract, executed on Jan. 22, 2020 and signed by Huizenga and Carvell, the superintendent shall receive severance of a maximum of twenty (20) months or the remainder of her salary left under the term of the contract. Considering her yearly salary is $145,690, that is no paltry sum. It was alleged that Huizenga made drastic changes without input from staff, including reappropriating Title I funds and spending $80,000 on consulting services. You have permission to edit this article. Ill sit here and be very respectful in my last term, he said. "There seems to be no bar low enough for the slanderers to stoop," Siegrist said. When Carvell was chair, meetings sometimes unraveled during public comments and he did what he could to keep the meeting on point and moving forward according to the evenings agenda items. Her A-Team, all her directors are gone. Already subscribe? "Mrs. Siegrist served on the Milford School Board tirelessly for the past two years, and her contributions to the continuous improvement of our school system are greatly appreciated," he noted. And very quickly after that, the board decided to go ahead and make a permanent decision, without putting together a committee, without bringing in other candidates, without giving the choice to other community members and the union and different constituents and stakeholders to have a say in it. I want to talk about what programs we have., I personally resigned because I was unhappy there,, So, I made a decision earlier this year. During her tenure in Concord, she was named in a civil lawsuit after a high school student was sexually assaulted on a school bus in 2017. Cline did not return an email to Patch about the matter. We are focused on the future and will be creating a superintendent hiring committee to ensure progress forward. Officials say psychiatric unit resident died after fight with guards; officers on leave. When you have such a high amount of ratchetry concentrated in one . The violations, she claimed, were communications between herself and Siegrist during the course of nine months, beginning around October 2018, which included numerous phone and personal conversations, hundreds of text messages, and Facebook messages discussing employees Morgan was working with, contract negotiations, employee resignations, lawsuits, and other information that should not have been shared with the general public. There was a problem saving your notification. And not just with wild, personal attacks., I thought I would be able to support the community of Milford from whatever seat I was in,, Because I dont look as the chair as being the boss of the district. Klicken Sie auf Alle ablehnen, wenn Sie nicht mchten, dass wir und unsere Partner Cookies und personenbezogene Daten fr diese zustzlichen Zwecke verwenden. Its mind boggling the amount of time that people are spending going after her., I am especially proud of the work I have led with my team in developing and implementing a forward-thinking Strategic Plan, the Districts first in 10 years,, She wants to stay in Milford and do her job,, Thats her passion. School Committee member Scott S. Lazo, in noting that Ms. Huizenga hadnt held a permanent superintendent job before coming to Southbridge, asserted that Ms. Huizenga, was set up to fail the day she landed;its called inexperience., Town Manager Ronald San Angelo said of the announcement: At least it takes us out of this limbo situation, which is a little frustrating for everyone., Mr. San Angelo added that Southbridge would like the state to find somebody that is going to stay for a long period of time.. Its been an honor to serve in this role, and I now look forward to pursuing new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children.. She stole someone else's work and didn't cite . Scroll down Shes engaged and shes committed. After she arrived, Holleigh Ciardelli-Tlapa, another board member, asked her to testify about the situation. Johnston, the department's senior associate commissioner, stepped in to the Southbridge post on an interim basis when Jessica Huizenga began a leave of absence on May 31. 10 election. And thats the way the board should function. Tlapa said that superintendent evaluations should be quarterly or at least bi-annually. Chance of rain 40%. I didnt want it to look like we were bossing the district around. Next week Ill be meeting with DESE for an update, and Im confident that Southbridge is in good hands with Russell Johnston, whos well qualified and has been on the ground since day one, the senator said. Register for online access, After 48 resignations, Milford school unions take vote of no confidence in superintendent, Manchester Community Music School holds music therapy camp, Deadline extended for student journalism Brodsky Prize, Unitil tour offers students opportunity for career exploration, Bucking a trend: Community college with eyes on a four-year degree, Schools brace for challenges as once-in-a-lifetime cash runs out. "We were looking for new energy and new ideas and we have not been able to work things out. Copyright The Cabinet Press | | 167 Elm Street, Milford, NH 03055 | 603-673-3100, I leave with a grateful heart. We do not take such a vote lightly, said a release issued jointly by Cheryl Erdody, president of the Milford Teachers Association, Suzanne Schedin, vice-president of MTA, Brenda Walker, president of the Milford Education Support Staff Association and Doug Haggett, president of the Milford Educational Personnel Association. The district was placed under state control in January 2016, joining Lawrence and Holyoke in receivership. Tlapa went on to say that she that she would not support any request or action that does not have the wellbeing of the student at the forefront of its agenda. During this unprecedented pandemic, when the district transitioned from a regular model of education, into remote, into hybrid, back to remote, and then to full in person, she has led her team with strength and adaptability. She began serving on May 2, 2016, and was placed on paid administrative leave, without explanation, on May 31 of this year. Why dont we just hire someone with experience who can go to work?. I didnt speak out of turn. Johnston, the department's senior associate commissioner, stepped in to the Southbridge post on an interim basis when Jessica Huizenga began a leave of absence on May 31. Jacqueline Reis, the department's media relations coordinator, said the department staff is searching for a new receiver and "will ensure there is a careful, deliberate search, and there will be an opportunity in the beginning stages for community members to say what qualities the district's next leader should possess. State staff will interview candidates and make a recommendation to acting Commissioner Jeff Wulfson, who will make the final decision, Ms. Reis said. The J. The State Board of Education could be requested to perform an investigation, Fenton said. But if you do trust them and want to improve your opportunity, because no one gets an A+ on a review, theres always room for improvement.. They do not know how to build, and they do not know how to turn this district around, he said of the state's intervention. Weve spent more time not about education, and education has always been my goal. A program at White Mountains Community College and a continuing partnership between Goodwill Northern New England and Southern New Hampshire University are being touted as ways to address the ongoing teacher shortage in the Granite State. In May, Morgan met with the Diana Fenton, an attorney with the New Hampshire Department of Education, who works in the department's the bureau of governance, to discuss the confidentiality issues. "Under his leadership, the team is preparing for a strong start to the 2017-2018 school year.". Sony Previews 14 Minutes of 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse' at CinemaCon "How you wear the mask is what makes you a hero," says Shameik Moore, who voices Miles Morales/Spider-Man. The Milford school board announced on Thursday that it will not fulfill a request by the local teachers' union to fire and replace the district's superintendent, Jessica Huizenga. MILFORD, NH The Milford School District will begin looking for a new superintendent after its current leader offered her resignation Wednesday. I agree that we need to implement a thorough review process, she said. Even after I wasnt the chairman any longer, I took the position after they made a move that was very pre-planned. Dr. Huizenga's resignation as receiver was announced on July 20, 2017. In March, we may have new members on this board, she said. Copyright The Nashua Telegraph | | 110 Main St, Ste 1, Nashua, NH 03060 | 603-882-2741, I was hoping to speak to all of you during non-public as far as my decision, but I have no choice other than to resign my position from the School Board effective immediately., The Milford School Board welcomes Mr. Steve Martin, and Mr. Kevin St. Onge as interim Board members who will be with us until the next election in March of 2021; when one 3-year Board member will be elected, and one 1-year member will be elected., I was really unhappy with the way the board was operating,, That last few months have been difficult with the way theyre doing things and what goals are without thought. Jessica L. Huizenga, the assistant superintendent for curriculum in Cambridge Public Schools, was selected by Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Mitchell D. Chester to lead . Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Carvell said as a board member, his ideology was that the board members should respect one another and function properly. At a special meeting at the department's headquarters in Malden, the board is scheduled to discuss the search process for Chester's successor and to hear an update from interim Southbridge receiver Russell Johnston. That petition requested the resignation of superintendent Huizenga and board chair Carvell. Senate soon to consider whether to expand EFA eligibility. In a letter to the public, unions representing teachers, aides, and building-and-grounds staff announced a "no-confidence" vote in Huizenga - a rare move for the unions. My hope is that as we continue to evolve, we will learn to work together more effectively to create cohesive and progressive futures.. In a letter issued on Thursday, school board members said the unions allegations against Superintendent Huizenga were false and called for them to end "negative campaigns" against her. In a joint press release issued by Milford Teachers Association president Cheryl Erdody, MTA vice president Suzanne Schedin, Milford Education Support Staff Association president Brenda Walker and Milford Educational Personnel Association president Doug Haggett, it stated, This is one of the first times that the Milford education unions took a vote of no confidence in our educational leader. Russell Johnston, a senior associate commissioner at DESE, has been serving as the interim receiver since Ms. Huizenga was placed on leave in May. Former Milford school board chairman Ron Carvell, who was a board member this year, also recently resigned from the school board. In the past, Huizenga was met with resistance by residents in attendance of school board meetings, many of whom were wearing, Milford Strong t-shirts. So I think the state has learned something., Noting that Ms. Huizengas beginning salary was $175,000,Mr. Lazo further asserted that, Theyre paying top dollar for inexperienced help that theyre going to train up. Jessica L. Huizenga resigned from her $175 A former receiver of the Southbridge public schools is a finalist for superintendent in Lynn, an urban district of about 16,000 students north of Boston. On May 31, 2017, I notified the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education that Senior Associate Commissioner Russell Johnston would serve as interim receiver for the Southbridge Public Schools, as receiver Jessica Huizenga was on a leave of absence. Morgan, while watching the meeting at home, heard the disgruntled employee comment by Siegrist, and went to the meeting. Milford school superintendent Dr. Jessica Huizenga and school board chair Ron Carvell at a Milford school board meeting. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. In response to the concerns, I want to say that I am doing the job that I have been directed to do by the Milford School Board, which has involved a number of changes that are needed and in the best interest of students, she said. That motion failed by a 2-2 vote. MILFORD Embattled Milford superintendent of schools, Dr. Jessica L. Huizenga, has resigned from her position, effective at the end of the school year. In that April . Its gone awry, he said. Its very scary because you dont know the feedback that youre going to get. A public relations representative for the district, John Guilfoil, returned a call placed to Davis by the Cabinet. Chance of rain 40%.. Thats unfortunate, but thats the world we live in., Weve created our own monster based on what goes on down in D.C.,. When the state placed the district into receivership, state officials cited a high turnover rate among superintendents and principals in the district and continued underperformance as factors. The article in question was properly completed from petitioners and the board received it on Jan 14. In a letter, Davis said, I leave with a grateful heart. Huizenga clarified that the nearly $40,000 of what the union called "consulting services" was for a strategic planning process, at the request of the board, whose current plan dates back to 2010. State Sen. Ryan C. Fattman, R-Webster, said in a statement: While I am unaware about the circumstances causing the receivers resignation, despite inquiry, I appreciate many of the positive changes she helped to implement. Theyinclude working with his office and state Rep. Peter J. Durant, R-Spencer, and DESE to obtain $2 million in federal grant funding for educational opportunities for Southbridge. I want to note, that on the warrant article that was not placed on the ballot, my vote was based on information at hand, and the manner in which it was presented, she said. She is allegedly some sort of school witch doctor who can magically make Southbridge schools great again. "I wish her well. Regardless of the makeup at that point, its imperative that we do have a comprehensive understanding of and an agreement with clearly written goals of the superintendent in order to facilitate an effective evaluation process. An email message containing instructions on how to reset your password has been sent to the e-mail address listed on your account. Some of the interaction between Morgan and Siegrist was posted online by an anonymous person and became an issue a couple of days later, when the Milford School Board met for its regular meeting. Carvell sent an email to the public notifying them of the vacancy. And she is not looking to sweep things under the rug. Jenni Siegrist resigned Sunday, according to Ron Carvell, the chairman of the Milford School Board. Ultimately each border member must vote with their own conscience. U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is facing fresh calls to resign after her extended absenceand Sen. Joe Manchin's inclination to partner with Republicansled to the Wednesday passage of a resolution to roll back Biden administration emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks. Give today. In Jessicas contract, since were trying to follow the contracts a little better, it says that she will be evaluated no later than Jan. 1 (2020), Walker said. "No one is acknowledging my concerns about this.". Cabinet file photos I did not bark thunder. Huizenga's original Jan. 8, 2019 contract, . The Milford school board announced on Thursday that it will not fulfill a request by the local teachers' union to fire and replace the district's superintendent, Jessica Huizenga. Huizenga is exceptionally qualified and the best fit for Milford schools, Milford School Board Chairman Ron Carvell said in a press release announcing the appointment. Were worse off now than when the state took us over. Sagan wrote to the board that he is recommending the pay boost - from the deputy commissioner salary of $168,025 - because of the "significant responsibilities that Jeff Wulfson has assumed as Acting Commissioner, and in light of the high ratings of performance he has received as Deputy Commissioner." As the school year was just beginning in Sept. 2019, there was still a heated debate over board member conduct, a 99 percent no confidence vote for Huizenga and the resignation of Jennifer Siegrist over a controversial text message debate. We won't share it with anyone else. We have tasked her with some significant changes for our community, and we can appreciate that there are concerns about that, but we believe these changes will help improve our educational system and we believe those changes have been developed with significant public input, said Carvell. More kerfuffles followed when Davis chose not to share the slideshow and according to an email, when she offered to sit down with a parent to discuss the presentation, she refused to comply with the request. A-Z Site Index | Policies | Contact Webmaster. We will choose a superintendent that fits a leadership profile designed by our committee, and that best matches the current needs of our district. Team Time rotates every so often - we could do an 8-10 . Im proud of what weve accomplished in the Southbridge Public Schools particularly a renewed focus on outstanding teaching and learning, and new opportunities and pathways for students in partnership with educators, families, and the community, Ms. Huizenga said. MILFORD On the heels of school superintendent Dr. Jessica Huizengas resignation tendered on Dec. 2 (effective July 1, 2021), school board chairman Mike Hannon resigned on Dec. 7, citing his need to focus on health, family and a new job. The conversations, which were casual, at first, became more detailed later, and led to Morgan resigning from her position in April. That last few months have been difficult with the way theyre doing things and what goals are without thought. Carvell said he just sat back, having no problem with supporting the school board as a board member. Huizenga announced her . Your e-mail address will be used to confirm your account. Got a news tip? We rely on readers like you to support the local, national, and international coverage on this website. I left because I wasnt going to be part of destroying a town. I am proud to have served this community, and I value the connections we have made, she continued. According to a student, Davis commented that even Adolph Hitler had goals, though his were evil. Advertisement: "Because Sen. Feinstein was absent, the Senate overturned a Biden rule that would cut pollution from heavy-duty trucks and causes harm to people's lungs. But I think there is more to come on this., There are other school boards and individuals in other districts who behave like this,, There are people out there whose way of expressing concern is to put things up on telephone poles and harass them that way. People think I was thrusted upon them. Increasing clouds with periods of showers late. There are only three districts in Massachusetts under receivership. This board is not functioning like that., We have a superintendent who cares about kids,, Shes engaged and shes committed. And very quickly after that, the board decided to go ahead and make a permanent decision, without putting together a committee, without bringing in other candidates, without giving the choice to other community members and the union and different constituents and stakeholders to have a say in it. Tlapa added that in hindsight, the board should reexamine its initial vote of preventing the warrant article from appearing on next months ballot. After some back and forth about Siegrist's statement and other issues, including whether Carvell, as chairman of the board, was responsive enough to the request for an investigation about confidentiality issues, Ciardelli-Tlapa said she would like to make a motion to have Siegrist's removed from the board, but knowing that it would fail, chose to move forward with proceedings for removal.

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