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2 Spot on EV Sales Behind Tesla Featured Community Events To improve its nighttime coverage, WPTF programming is carried on four FM translator stations: 98.5 MHz in Cary, 98.7MHz in Rolesville, 103.3MHz Durham and 107.5MHz in Smithfield. WPTF covers Central and Eastern North Carolina on AM and FM. The Financial Safari began as a radio show on one station in North Carolina in 2007 when Peter J. DArruda was offered a chance to share his financial expertise on the air. "The main daytime tower is out there. Kyle is a Colorado born, Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism graduate. One photo is marked "Andrew 'Andy' Massey, WPTF's First Chief Engineer, 1928-1935.". After the September 2008 death of Jack Boston, Scott Fitzgerald took over North Carolina Morning News (5:309:00 am). After graduation, she took an internship with the Johnjay & Rich Show and has worked her way to more prominent roles. Her most recent story for Our State was Women Writers of Hayti (September 2010). He has 2100 radios--some look like classic Coca-Cola cans, Raggedy Ann, 1980's Pizza Hut and My Little Pony, and even Gumby and Mr. Peanut. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. The station and transmitter site ran on generator power, allowing residents in the Triangle and beyond to call in for storm and damage information and find out where to get needed supplies, such as ice, water, and food. [37] NC State athletic officials cited their desire to be on an FM signal with a multi-year contract and the ability to collect more local advertising revenue, conditions that Curtis Media was unwilling to provide. In 1991, Durham Life sold its broadcasting stations. The WPTF Weekend Gardener is an award-winning radio talk show that has been on the air for over 30 years and answers all of your gardening questions. ", "Back then," adds Paul Michels, Director of Group Operations & IT, "We didn't use telephones as much, you see. WPTF's local coverage is supplemented by the CBS Radio Network, AP Radio, and the co-owned North Carolina News Network. [40] The show moved to Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia's) FM talk radio station, 106.1 WRDU (now WTKK). This town in the Sandhills calls to the greats. Writers, athletes, chefs, and creatives of all kinds come to this part of Moore County, where, among the longleaf pines, inspiration awaits. That year the station also received permission to install a third, taller, tower, designed to support the antenna for a new FM station. The station continued to air The Dave Ramsey Show in the late morning hours until it was picked up by WTKK on June 15, 2013. While starting her career as an intern for the Johnjay and Rich Show, she learned those qualities could be put to good use. Its call letters date back to the former longtime owner of the station, Durham Life Insurance Company, whose motto was "We Protect The Family." Luckily, no matter which side of this delicious rivalry you fall on, barbecue is a food that brings people together. Preferred radio stations and music genres, user's Favorites, stations reviews and many other services need your personal data processing. 5:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Ashley Footer is a girl who grew up getting in trouble for being too loud and talking too much. As of 1948, WPTF was an affiliate of NBC Radio. She began her radio career as an intern at 104.7 KISSFM and quickly fell in love with the art of radio. In 1996, WPTF provided coverage of Hurricane Fran even though the station was without power for nearly a week. The new owners were given a permit to increase their power to 500 watts and to move to 720 on the dial. Technically, at least. This NC destination ranks among nations favorites, Why are SBI chief and Gov. William Wynne initially stayed on as station engineer,[19] but later left, continuing to work in the radio industry, and in 1933 set up WEED, the first radio station in Greenville. While employees and disc jockeys no longer roam its halls, the WPTF building is still a very active site. Yellowed paper with scripts and set instructions are scattered about in a small office where the radio announcer once sat, encircled by glass. Her anything goes style, mixed with her easy to relate to home life, makes Priscilla a fixture in Phoenix radio. Double-L, or Lois Lewis, is an Arizona native who graduated at the top of her class (High School Valedictorian; Magna Cum Laude at Arizona State University). Lady La is genuinely part of the fabric that makes Phoenix such a great city. Connect With Lady La On Instagram & Twitter. Today, WPTF, North Carolinas second oldest continuously licensed broadcast station, operates 24 hours a day on 680 khz with 50,000 watts (nighttime directional), until 1987, studios were in the WPTF building, 410 South Salisbury Street, Raleigh, with transmitter and towers located at Cary, North Carolina. The department had 15 people.". Kearney started a part-time job at Raleighs flagship station, WPTF, in 1982. [43] This deal also made WPTF the new flagship station for the network.[44]. Before you start your next project, call Dave Alexander at Making Your Home Great and get advice on a wide range of topics including home design, renovation, and more from Triangles home improvement experts. I love Blogging, helping others, making WPTF-FM later moved to 94.7 and today is Country music station WQDR, still co-owned by Curtis Media. Well right here! In 1899 he established the Raleigh Telephone Company, and prior to World War One built a radio receiver used to pick up nightly time signals broadcast by NAA in Arlington, Virginia, in order to accurately set the timepieces at the Jolly-Wynne Jewelry Store. Most of coastal South Carolina, including the city of Charleston was without power, so local radio stations were knocked off the air. He had the highest radio audience of any Raleigh personality ever. They introduce you to new songs, artists and the biggest music events in America, like our iHeartRadio Music Festival. Priscilla isa proud Arizona nativeand loves beinginvolved in organizations that impact her community like The Million Dollar Teacher Project and Adelante Mami. State Director Reginald Speight joined the WPTF Morning Show to explain. For more than 30 years, Lewis Financial Management, LLC, has been providing clients with Comprehensive Financial Planning. WPTF On-air Staff WPTF has a storied history developing ultra-conservative personalities. In August 2015, WPTF dropped the split programming from 850-AM. The second half of the afternoon drive is branded still as "North Carolina's Evening News with Scott Briggamon" between 4pm-7pm. Raleigh-based conservative radio host Bill LuMaye was fired from his post at WPTF News Radio 680 earlier this month, but that doesnt mean you cant still hear his show. All campgrounds on the Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University announced Thursday that four people will receive honorary doctorates during spring commencement. I stepped into the room with the 360-degree view, approaching the soundboard. On August 19, 1926 the station was authorized to increase its power to 100 watts. Depending on the selected settings, some functions may become unavailable! At the time, both stations operated from 410 South Salisbury street in Downtown Raleigh. The station continued to air The Dave Ramsey Show in the late morning hours until it was picked up by WTKK on June 15, 2013; other talk shows still comprise WPTF's nighttime and weekend schedule. But if you land on AM 680 between the hours of 9 and 10 on a weeknight, the voice youll hear is close, measured, and soothing. The cabinets are still stocked with untouched dishes, as if waiting for DJs and engineers to come eat there once again. We talked for two hours about Christmas decorations, he says. Nearly 80 years old and sealed to most of the outside world, it harbors dust-coated secrets that time forgot, like a living time capsule. Georgann Eubanks has been a guest on The Tom Kearney Show three times (so far). Danas original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing multi-media audience. . FCC Applications, Copyright Curtis Media Group. Fax: 919-882-1746 Youll hear from the top names in politics, entertainment and music, Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley airing Monday through Friday, Midnight to 5am Central. Im just the radio guy. Suite 201, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604 Business Phone: 919-790-9392 Fax: 919-882-1746 Studio: 919-860-9783 Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. General Manager: David Stuckey Program Director: Kristine Bellino The station and transmitter site ran on generator power, allowing residents in the Triangle and beyond to call in for storm and damage information and find out where to get needed supplies, such as ice, water, and food. Officials say the runway will be closed from July 9th through. The majority of our shows can be reached by dialing the WPTF Studio Line at (919) 860-WPTF (9783). Connect with Kyle On Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. The show moved to Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia's) new FM talk radio station, 106.1 WRDU (now WTKK), which competes now is now with WPTF. Known for her voice of reason and warm energy, Lady La has built a career off of one simple philosophy, live every moment with gratitude. "Then you'd wait for the song to be played, and hope you didn't break up before the radio disc jockey got your postcard," laughs Michels. She is the author of three books in the Literary Trails of North Carolina series and the host of "North Carolina Literary People," a series of book talks at UNC-Chapel Hill. 201, Raleigh, NC 27604 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Advertising Advertise with us! Lumaye, who started at WPTF in 2004, posted on Facebook on Aug. 13 that he had been told after his show on Aug. 11 that he would no longer be working at WPTF. However, in 1924 there were no local Raleigh radio stations, so listeners were limited to nighttime reception of distant stations, which required more expensive equipment. Today, it's hidden behind tall shrubs, a chain-link fence, and a set of train tracks - it often goes unnoticed, a relic from a long past era of Raleigh history. [22], On November 11, 1928, with the implementation of the Federal Radio Commission's General Order 40, WPTF was assigned to 680 kHz. Members of garden clubs across the state know that the secret to a beautiful backyard is hard work, patience, and a passion for plants. [23], In the early 1930s, WPTF was a pioneer in educational radio. Listen Live. I have tried to do something different.. "We'd lower the equipment in here, then pull it into the basement," Sherrill gestures. EEO Reports Supervision failures persist. NC mom warns others after son burned doing social media challenge, Warrant executed at illegal adult entertainment business in Raleigh, Free COVID-19 tests aren't guaranteed after May 11. Don Curtis, whose company later bought the station called the show "one of the nation's first daily two-way talk programs". Heather is an ABC11 Community Influencer, read more articles by her here! The loss of long-time staples Limbaugh and Sean Hannity proved challenging for WPTF, and the station's ratings declined.

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