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He simply declined the offer knowing that the cattle were hot. Really pathetic that honest, law abiding citizens need to take matters into their own hands. I think youd do it justice. I remember playing with her brothers and little sister as a child. The vast majority of these rifles were chambered in 30-30; the Winchester 94 is practically synonymous with the 30-30 chambering. A year or so after the book was published, I met one of Kens kids who had been adopted out as a child. I mean, I guess we all dont want to think our family members could do that. I raised it as a topic of discussion, since they shot McElroy in the back. Dying of sclerosis of the liver is a slow process; it allows the person time to reflect on his life, to prepare to meet his maker. They understood she had been in essence captured by McElroy as a young girl, but by the end she was riding shotgun for him and pulling weapons on people and threatening to shoot them. She is a person of great personal integrity and not prone to exaggeration or gossip. A guy I know used to go to school at NWMSU in Maryville, and a friend of his who was a deputy sheriff told him to stay the hell out of skidmore, because Ken Rex didnt like college kids too well. Just after the killing two of the Mcelroy children moved into our nieghboorhood in St Joe. People such as yourself who threaten other people over the Internet also tend to be cowards. Estes certainly did not come off well in the whole McElroy story. One thing I wanted to do and did not was park my truck in the same spot as McElroys and then take a photo from the vantage point of the shooter, but after having everyone in town wave to me and be overly nice I just could not bring myself to do that. I bet a lot f the boys around those parts were jealous of him but are not man enough to admit it. I read they found .22 magnum and 8 mm Mauser casings in the street. Especially when the truth of his death is available with easy and proper research. As for the guy threatening you, he literally wrote like everyone else in his level of life. The gas station across from Sumys a rat infested mess. Btw, Sitting just the next table in front of Kenrex and Trina..we were told by the owner that you need My point on his courage was, that I doubt he would have done it if he had been face to face with McElroy. And his ex wife Sharon is also a very kind woman. Please move on with your life. When we went in, it wasnt busy at all. Using your description and Harrys, I do see a pile of former house debris just almost as you reach that second curve where the road turns south again. the townspeople like much of the US actually believed in the law and kept hoping it would do its job. Being shot in the back of the head means nothing, anywhere to take him down was what was necessary.. Del, a short man with a chip on his shoulder and a hot temper, wore a cowboy hat and drank heavily. Theres a big difference between a .22 and a .22 mag. The murder occurred in broad daylight, with as many as sixty eye-witnesses present . Watch the 60 Minutes episode here. He was the Skidmore bully. measure .321 in diameter; bullets for the 8 mm measure .323 in diameter. The most well known but never verified incident involved a time supposedly in the seventies when he stretched a guy over the railroad tracks around St. Joe and watched as the train ran over him. Can you give the straight scoop on that?. Whats a drunken short man routine? Does Gary D. , who seems to be a candidate as the second gunman, still live in the Skidmore area? The same cops who ignored McElroys crimes were rousting them trying to find his killers. Im so glad I had nothing to do with it. towns are mear gone now? Its in the book In Broad Daylight, toward the end. I have a first issue hard copy that was my grandfathers and he left to me after his passing in 2006. What did you think of the frontier justice piece? I have a great affection for the place, have from the first day I walked into the coffee shop almost 25 years ago. Most of the guys in NW MO can take care of themselves and would not be afraid of Ken if they had a gun in their hands. so, so, sad. SOMETIMES I WONDER IF OL KEN IS IN HELL IHE MADE LIFE MISERABLE FOR EVERYBODY IN SKIDMORE . Instead of writing some kind of relevant answer on the issue, you took your time to harass someone who was nice enough to give a deeper insight from first hand witnessing. Actually, I think Del Clements act was totally impulsive. Harry. During the time that I worked with her they had reconciled and were going to get married again. He may be a lot f things, but hes not a coward in this one instance. Gary farmed west of Maryville most all his life. Harry MacLean. Thanks for writing. Just saying. Why bring the past back up?? i lived 14 miles from town and there were 20now nothing!! Dont hate cuz even cops are corrupt. period. Nothing will ever come to light. Good riddance to bastards like Ken! Your take on him is a common one, although he has his defenders. Looked at your bio. err sorry my grammars for crap) what he had done might be exactly that way. It was a crime of opportunity he was having some beers and hearing stories about Rex over the years. It was at this time that he died in what appeared to be a freak accident. He had been drinking that morning, and had a helluva temper. These small man syndrome types are quick to jump on the bandwagon and try to out do everyone by being first to the punch due to their own perceived difficiencies. Cmon people use your head. Should i not expect that the legislative and judicial branches would then come to my defense? McElroy was soon infatuated with his future child bride. You steal, and think that makes you a man? Some of the witnesses to the crime left town, and as time wore on a few of them died. Born in 1934, Ken Rex McElroy was a resident of Skidmore, Missouri. Cheryl Brown was always the force behind the Punkin Show and the Festival, and I guess she finally had enough. Same title. We hope something like this never happens again but if it is necessary then so be it. And using Harrys west side comment, that pile of debris is on the west side of the road after it turns south. Ken Tex McElroy had it coming. In 2002 I convinced him to take a road trip with me for the day and headed to Skidmore. Are there any other in print material available that you would recommend? But I will say that incidents like this are why its so important to have a working justice system. I have yet to read In Broad Daylight but will be purchasing it very soon. a small town terrorized by one man.a town stricken with fear, a town that kept asking for help & didnt get it. Real men dont shoot unarmed men and leave them to die. I never verified any of these facts, but I really didnt spend a lot of time trying either. But looking at this case through the lens of 2021, you can see how he clearly terrorized people. Its hard to live with a secret , a sin like that. This guy needs Jesus. Its easy to sit in judgment of these people when youre not the one who has to live in constant fear of this evil bastd. I need to ponder a few things before I attempt to ask any more, and I will let you know how the trip fares. well he kept trying to talk to her & she told me to say something to him . Ive written several other true crime books and one novel. The town lost faith in itself, is the way I see it. Anyone else care to? We traced most of the roads you described in the book with cheat cards I had made lol. it too was spontaneous. I watched a YouTube video of you, the lawyer and family members on the talk show. What accounts for the discrepancy? If that had happened, I doubt there would have been much of an outcry, and surely no book entitled In Broad Daylight. i wonder if the gentleman was mentally ill ? he was wrong for scarring folks. I think McElroy would have loved Denehey portraying him in the movie. Send Flowers Send Sympathy Card Again, awesome book!! those involved who took the oath to keep silent will take it to the grave with them. He was drunk and became outright hostile to me. it was truly scary , I seen McElroy back in early 81 . anyway skidmore is gone , the town is dying & its sad to see. Although I have my own personal opinions on this, I really did not want to cause anyone trouble. Thought I would pass on that they Punkin show is no more, have not had one since 2003 and the Freedom Fest has seen its last days this year. Then the shooter and his cousin ran to there truck pulled there rifles out then my mom grabed me by the wrist pulled me inside and heard a few shots sounded like a few from a 22 caliber then one big really loud shot id say a hunting rifle from my shooting experience. we all knew that the police would be coming , no one expected the fbi . we just thought he was some creepy dude, then when the story broke about him & i saw pics i was literally shocked. Hi Harry I loved reading the book I have a question I know there was a made for TV movie made, have you been approached on making a newer version of a movie? Pausing to milk it a little too long. It would be interesting to know how this incident changed Skidmore and its people. The likelihood that a serious offer was made and accepted seems highly unlikely, given McElroys reputation and his many friends in the area. Only hard core criminals laugh in court. Sheriff Estes certainly would have had a reason to dispose of them, wouldnt he? It is assumed that Del was one of the shooters but are you at liberty to name the other two? I cant seem to find much information on the Internet. There has been no prosecution in the death of Ken Rex McElroy. Im sure theyre out there somewhere in cyberspace. If this process is circumvented, it becomes more difficult (to establish these constraints) with each passing year. I look forward to receiving it. AND INTO ADULTHOOD. Thank you. I would not write anything else about Del if I were you. skidmore is a town that MURDERED A MAN & got away with it. I would love to read your writings about this town and man! Thanks for the comment. its to bad he died the way he did . Woulda, coulda, shoulda done some yung folk sum good. If anyone has information on Treena family I would love to know what happened to them all . He ended up having six children and many grandchildren. I feel for the people of Skidmore. Its the American Way! I admire the town for keeping their mouths shut, and the people who took up arms and took care of business. I believe that the shooting was wrong , as someone said on here it was murder , but the law failed to do its job & they are also responsible for that mans death . He always said This year being the 40th anniversary of the killing, brought it back into focus for me. In the middle of the second curve on Valley Road. Thanks again for your time and have to admit I am fast becoming a Skidmore junkie. He told you to get your facts straight but didnt offer the facts that he claims were genuine. But thousands were chambered in 32 W.S. if they wanted to kill her , they would have just shot her along with ken,THEY LET HER LIVE. Ive read both the kindle version of your book with the epilogue, and the short update, The Story Behind I see where D. is implicated using the 30-30, and G. with the shotgun, but who had the 22? Harry MacLean. We should not judge them for their action, after all, they had to live and deal with this atmosphere of intimidation and fear on a daily basis. its almost like you were their . Can I get in touch with you at your email? Trena McCloudMcElroy's last wifewas only 14 when she became pregnant with his child and dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Two additional questions Harry, I have heard that the post office in Skidmore has been closed and the high school was also closed and tore down. Ken Rex McElroy was born June 1, 1934 to a family of poor tenant farmers who moved near the town of Skidmore, Missouri. A family members say so alone is definitely not persuasive. Shooting an innocent elderly unarmed man is cowardice. Its what someone says, not how they say it. At the time, McElroy was still married to his third wife, Alice Woods. You add it up :O. this person is a moron he was killed by a local resident this person must be smoking dope cause their high as a kite right now , why would an outsider kill him, it was a local, somebody who knew him. Despite being shot in broad daylight in front of various witnesses, the. Thought about it last night, did a internet search and here I am. I took a deep breath and said he wasnt my uncle and I had never known him. I blogged about the death and posted her obituary. I know how hard it is for loved ones to take an honest look at a member of their family. Do you believe that Baird agreed to allow you access tot he files because he already knew they were gone? It shows a mentality very close to Dels. I am still working through a few. I remember him saying he didnt want to talk to you anymore and you would quiteasking questions.

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