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Habra algun problema? However, beneath his boldness Void is also an intelligent man that's very cautious when it comes to dealing with hostile SCPs and expresses extreme carefulness whenever on a case or when crossing paths with the SCP Foundation. 77. 56. #fundacinscp Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected]. A school for those who couldn't cut it as heroes and decide to be villains instead. And Tony's Adaptation Quirk is just what the boy needs.". As long as they don't try to call for help if course, they couldn't anyway so they would just be sent to dclass depending on their anomaly and how expendable they are. Privacy Policy. "I thought better of you, Stain. The rest is history. SCP-953 Humanoide Polimorfico (Animacion SCP). ", "It was a promise he made to the hero Zero-G," Tony explained, "She was the holder of One For All prior to Toshi. Second Year Summer Vacation left kudos on this work! Into the Mind of a Villain 118. (1), Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack (Visual Novel), Doki Doki Literature Club! Evade the attention of the SCP Foundation. The Fight for Ten Million Points The Raid Begins, Chamber the Eight Bullets What I like about Void is how he's depicted as not being a member of the SCP Foundation, but rather a conspiracy theorist obsessed with learning about them. 38. 39. The Russian Incident 46. He overheard that you will only allow All Might to kill you. 104. 6. You might be able to influence the story if you comment before the book is finished! Izuku:Bien,parece que la gente sigue sin creer,pero que mas da. Proving Yourself As it turns out some folks in this city haven't been showing me or my gang the proper respect. ", "Giran's already working on that," Wally said, "As it happens my teacher, Kagemusha, came into some gold resources due to a family connection. "The reason they call me the Undertaker is because I always bury the bodies of our victims. Beyond Recommendation Polaris First Round Ends 112. Second Raid, Target the League It's not how you think the man known as Detective Void quickly became one of the most popular animated based SCP youtubers alongside Dr. Bob, The Rubber, and SCP Explained - Story & Animation. The Counterattack I can control the amount of corrosion, and the gunk is also adhesive. 18. Right now, he was training Ida in submission wrestling. Void has stated that he has had personal accounts with the Foundation. He'd accepted an offer for an internship from Mechacain, but he didn't expect Tetsutetsu to be here as well. Izuku dejaria caer su telefono al cesped ya que el video llamado: Habia pasado de tener 12K Vistas a tener 2 Millones con 965K Likes,918K Dislikes y 1.8 Millones de comentarios y la cifra seguia subiendo. Right now she's probably either heading for the old hideout, or the big meeting.". ', "This is Toxic Chainsaw. He had a good grasp on his power, but his fighting style was mostly centered around his smashes. Mature articles are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. 84. This is your second day of training, so let's see if you're ready for a real patrol.". 25. 13. "You've really outdone yourself, Kensetsu," Carlito said, "Now this is a hideout worthy of the League of Villains! The Only Thing I Know For Real Chapter 104: Second Raid, Target the League Notes: As our villains converge, and man this is a fun thing to say, so do our heroes. as well as 90. The Serpent's Castle Second Raid, Target the League Once I learned I was growing fast I started working out to improve those muscles.". Contents 1 Appearance 2 Personality 2.1 As the Mask: 2.2 Narration style 3 History 3.1 Plot 4 Powers and Abilities 5 Relationships 5.1 Leila Smith 5.2 SCP Foundation 6 Trivia/Character facts 7 External Links 8 Navigation Appearance Froppy was talking with a few people she got to know during her hero work. In other words, he treats his presentations like an editorial. Dijo el Detective para quitarse la mascara. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. 8. He's also the inspiration for a lot of the OC heroes I created for the internships: Golden Mask (SCP-4064)Sweetstuff (SCP-2396)Firebird (SCP-273)Genesis (SCP-040)Cyber-Droid (SCP-1360)Datapad (SCP-2004). Alien Queen was among the group, and she had to admit they were dedicated. 'Hey, guys. ", "This won't take long," he said as he sniffed the air, "I'm smelling the world's cleanest rat. The Final Match, Defeat All Might 77. 15. and our It doesn't matter if you've got a good grip on the neck, if the head and shoulders can move, they can slip out. Se llevaran bien?Algunos son caricaturas y otros animes y no tienen el mismo grado de seriedad.Todos mis respetos al difunto Edd GouldLa portada no es ma, crditos a su artista (el cual no conozco)El numero del capitulo es el numero en el lado derecho del tituloLos fandoms son los de la lista en categoriasPost-Data: El Shaun/Sayori empieza en el Cap 20 y el Brett/Reagan/Ron en el cap 34. "Thanks to Pain Return, I can insure that any villain suffers the very pain they were trying to inflict on others. 94. in the latest lore video it is confirmed that bran is a being that lives in his mask and can control his body. One For All, All For One Fire and Light, Lemillion's Ignition Corn head man is no where near as useful as he thinks he is. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Aoyama's Evolution Y/n is a personal person she isn't into social interaction. Your Ultimate Move 24. After all, he was certain the others were far away from here. ", "So now college dropouts can find the means to master their Quirks without needing to become heroes," Issei said, "But none of us are really teachers. ', "Alright, calm down, everyone!," the fake Infinite called out, "I know you're all excited, but first we have important business to take care of. #scp ", "The Sliming Sadist?," Stain asked, "How'd you get in touch with him? Despite knowing that Kenji was the villain Magne, none of the crowd were willing to sell her out. Midoriya was shocked at the scrawny blonde boy. He had been having Detective Void track the guy's contacts for some . : 2.4K. TikTok (@detective_void_): #scp # #cartoon #cartoon # # # #rge # #elbruso. Ojiro joined Shinso in learning more directly from Eraser Head. The Counterattack Starting the Work Study 65. ", "In addition to learning how hero work goes," Swampanne said, "You'll be leaning how to have better control over your Quirk. 48. The concert's over, so Magne likely left out the back. He was speaking with All Might on the phone. Deviana22 2 yr. ago. The Final Match, Defeat All Might However, it is unknown whether if its the mask he's wearing that is sentient or is it just his alter-ego that already existed within his mind for a long time. Swampanne is based on SCP-811, while Infablaze is based on SCP-457. Midoriya quickly realized what Tony was getting at. The Pride Aftermath, the League Forms "What makes you think that?," the chief asked. Like most SCP channels out there, Detective Void presents all SCPs in a direct and informative way. The Invincible Boy My brother Teruteru watched as you attacked the hero Ingenium. Rise Up, Heights Alliance 113. #scpreader. Red Riot, the Psychic Spear and Frozen Shield The Raid Begins, Chamber the Eight Bullets Contents 1 About 2 Personal life #melissa Heroes Investigate Izuku veria los comentarios los cuales lo dejarian mas confundido. Along with Dr. Bob and SCP Explained, they're among my favorite SCP animated narration channels. "Well, my dad's an actuary," Tony explained, "And his company got him a transfer to their Japanese branch. 106. Attack on UA I know the bosses at the MLA want someone as powerful as him to join, but we both know that's never gonna happen.". Izuku se levantaria del cesped para ver de donde provenia ese ruido pero veria algo que lo dejaria petrificado. Second Generation Chain Hero 30. Detective Void is shown to a brave and curious individual as he is always ready to place himself in danger which is evident by his willingness to investigate the SCP Foundation and the many dangers contained within the foundation. My Reason to be a Hero The Heroes Raid As our villains converge, and man this is a fun thing to say, so do our heroes. The source of the glow seems to be from himself itself. 54. Our dearest little popcorn vendor has been hard at work lately! Kagemusha is meant to be based on SCP-4007. The series is hosted and narrated by the titular Detective Void, a paranormal investigator and conspiracy theorist who knows about the existence of the SCP Foundation, along with all the anomalies they try to hide from the world. Izuku estaria viendo a el SCP-4885 merodeando cerca de su casa. But Uraraka was anything but weak. 70. 64. 74. ", "Who we are as villains has changed. Because of that, I've developed something of a defensive fighting style. Those seeking help send me their photo, typically a full-body shot, and I tell them what sort of future they can expect from the visions I get.". The Class Representative The Hot Wind Blowing Toshi told me how far you've come with One For All, so now the next step is improving it, by improving you.". The Russian Incident My Instagram: you can find me here:Discord: video, being derived from, is published under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. Let's get started with some quick training. Kirishima didn't know what the heck was going on. 119. 94. 80. The effective way to do that is find out how to mesh your Quirk with your combat skills.". And what he's able to relay is concerning. "You need to have a firm grasp on the head, that's the most important part. It seems the old generation is ready to throw in the towel in order for us to be the future, and but a stop to the Meta Liberation Army. 81. Surprise chapter at 1k done. 82. Mooks No More The Meaning of a Hero My Hero SCP mtnetsurfer. I heard good things about UA, so I enrolled there as a transfer student. There is, however, a unique element to his videos, in that he gives his own opinion of the SCPs' nature and origins at the end of each video. This hideout is just the central point, after all. 68. Suneater, Rising With the Dark Nuclear Thunder 103. Detective Void,Nombre Verdadero,Izuku Midoriya #bnha The last time they tried this they got wiped out at the USJ. I'm My Own Master Now Midoriya vs Bakugo Love and Peace, Not One or the Other The Meaning of Plus Ultra 41. 38. You head to another test with somerather defiant D-class Y/n: is thereanything else? Invincible For a Reason Second Place on your first go. 'So this is what floor tastes like,'Bakugo mused. "Right now the League of Villains is trying to regroup," Alien Queen explained, "But I'd be surprised if they hadn't heard of the flyers offering new membership. Leila is possibly being held by the foundation after an encounter with an SCP. Listen, we got a serious situation that need your attention. 35. Yep, that's what happened. 31. Princess Peach (The Super Mario Bros. Movie), Donkey Kong (The Super Mario Bros. Movie). 76. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you. No doubt he's already called in backup in the form of at least two hundred heroes.". Detective Void habia publicado 2 videos: SCP-953 SCP-4885 Detective Void:Sabado,dia de descanso. "An electromagnetic experience Wow, I never knew she had it in her. 35. The police must be on to us. 64. Quagmire had a stronger sense of smell than most, so when he smelled the scent of deodorant, shampoo, and aftershave, something so rare for villains due to their poorer lives, he got curious and followed the scent. SCP-0206 refers to this act as "shunting". 40. More chapters are to come but idk how many. 50. 112. 92. Detective void: speak of the devil, you must be scp-13998 Y/n: just y/n is fine, I heard you've been looking for me Detective void: I um.yes, since you're here.would you answer a few questions Y/n: I can't promise to answer everything but I will answer what I can Detective void: understandable First question, Scientist: oh dear, I thought we tucked that one away, Y/n: woah hold onwhat about him? Rules of Nature Deliberation of the Overseers, Exam's End Life Isn't a Game The requests are filtered by district, and once the situation is handled we file out a report based on the incident. ", 'Now I know I made the right choice. Thank you so much! SCP-087-B [8] - Another horror game derived from the previous SCP-087 game. 4. The Force of Twin Chains, Osaka Bound 13. 12. But at lot of your techniques are more rooted in Japan. 69. As the police moved past the inconspicuous street art, it suddenly grew eyes before Derek and Kenji emerged from the wall. You're nothing more than a child, and your goals are equally childish. 108. Collective Consciousness 72. Everyone's Internship To Erase a Quirk I've already informed the others, and it seems Tenko's currently infiltrated a big meeting the fakes have put together trying to recruit members to their cause. Cursing. Dijo el Detective para quitarse la mascara. 26. Aftermath, the League Forms Toshi prefers wrestling techniques because he trained hard in America. Detective Void and the SCP Foundation have a rather typical Cat and Mouse relationship. Rise Up, Heights Alliance You suddenly showing it now, Undertaker?". Midorang, the New Symbol of Peace The Force of Twin Chains, Osaka Bound A Disease Can't Be Beneficial SCP-035 and SCP-049 has lost their child to Logan Paul and Dr. Most videos on the channel discuss various SCPs contained by the Foundation; summarizing what they are, while the Detective also offers his own guesses about their nature and origins. Let's Make a Rocking Concert Fan-made works based on the SCP Foundation creative writing project. First Round Brackets The Pussycats and the Kid

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