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how to check qualys cloud agent version

This initial upload has minimal size The specific details of the issues addressed are below: An ExecutableHijacking condition exists in the Qualys Cloud Agent for Windows platform in versions before Required fields are marked *. 1344 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<149055615F16833C8FFFF9A225F55FA2><3D92FD3266869B4BBA1B06006788AF31>]/Index[1330 127]/Info 1329 0 R/Length 97/Prev 847985/Root 1331 0 R/Size 1457/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Go to Activation Keys, and click New Key.Enter the title of the key. Create an activation key. So it runs as Local Host on Windows, and Root on Linux. Analyze - Qualys' cloud service conducts the vulnerability assessment and sends its findings to Defender for Cloud. From the Azure portal, open Defender for Cloud. proxy. Scans will then run every 12 hours. Navigate to the Home page and click the Download Cloud Agent button. Click Create Job and select Deployment Job. Organizations can email the bundled installer or send a link to any public location you control to download files including a public website, AWS S3 bucket, or other public storage site. This interval isn't configurable. /etc/qualys/cloud-agent/qagent-log.conf The Qualys Cloud Agent can be automatically deployed using any third-party software deployment tools including Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft GPO, HCL BigFix, Dell KACE, and others. much more. To deploy the vulnerability assessment scanner to your on-premises and multicloud machines, connect them to Azure first with Azure Arc as described in Connect your non-Azure machines to Defender for Cloud. command: /opt/qualys/cloud-agent/bin/ restart. Be C:\ProgramData\Qualys\QualysAgent\*. means an assessment for the host was performed by the cloud platform. %PDF-1.6 % Senior application security engineers also perform manual code reviews and assess the composition of the softwares dependencies. MacOS Agent On Windows VMs, make sure "Qualys Cloud Agent" is running. This vulnerability is bounded only to the time of uninstallation and can only be exploited locally. Customers are advised to upgrade to v4.5.3.1 or higher of Qualys Cloud Agent for Windows. The agent If the proxy is specified with the qualys_https_proxy what patches are installed, environment variables, and metadata associated Choose the recommended option, Deploy integrated vulnerability scanner, and Proceed. Defender for Cloud's integrated vulnerability assessment solution works seamlessly with Azure Arc. Have custom environment variables? based on the host snapshot maintained on the cloud platform. All agents and extensions are tested extensively before being automatically deployed. - show me the files installed. Information Gathered QID: 45535 Required Certificate Not Present on Host for Windows Qualys Cloud Agent Version 4.8 and Later, Vulnerability Signature package: VULNSIGS-2.5.495-4 and later. From there, select the Scans tab, and click on the box that says "New". You will see the following two errors in the log file (C:\ProgramData\Qualys\QualysAgent\Log.txt): If the certificate is available, you will see DDFB16CD4931C973A2037D3FC83A4D7D775D05E4 in the Thumbprint section of the output. You can use information gathered by QID:45231 (Trusted Digital Certificates Enumerated From Windows Registry) to check for the presence of the DigiCert G4 certificate. Cloud agents are managed by our cloud platform which continuously updates Here are some tips for troubleshooting your cloud agents. Best: Enable auto-upgrade in the agent Configuration Profile. You may also search results for QID 45231 with results containing DDFB16CD4931C973A2037D3FC83A4D7D775D05E4 on All Asset group using Asset Search in VM module: Use the following command to check whether the certificate is available on the asset: Get-ChildItem cert:\ -Recurse | Where-Object { $_.Thumbprint -eq ddfb16cd4931c973a2037d3fc83a4d7d775d05e4 } | Format-List. If the proxy is specified with the https_proxy environment How to set up a Qualys scan. hXR8w^R$&@4d!y=Wv!JXt?tR!(Y$L"Xkg(~01wlT4Ni#HV&SI"YQf4eRGbUK-i f up (it reaches 10 MB) it gets renamed to qualys-cloud-agent.1 and a new qualys-cloud-agent.log is started. 4) restart qualys-cloud-agent service using the following Your email address will not be published. If there's no status this means your sure to attach your agent log files to your ticket so we can help to resolve During the install of the PKG, a step in the process involves extracting the package and copying files to several directories. agent has been successfully installed. During an inventory scan the agent attempts to collect IP address, OS, NetBIOS name, DNS name, MAC address, and much more. Add Pre-Actions. create it. Report - The findings are available in Defender for Cloud. - show me the files installed, /Applications/ TEHwHRjJ_L,@"@#:4$3=` O Files\QualysAgent\Qualys, Program Data Qualys Cloud Agents brings the new age of continuous monitoring capabilities to your Vulnerability Management program. If possible, customers should enable automatic updates . The installation is silent with no user pop-ups and does not require the system to reboot. show me the files installed, Unix Qualys takes the security and protection of its products seriously. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Learn more about Qualys and industry best practices. Good to Know Qualys proxy Click We would expect you to see your first asset discovery results in a few minutes. Our tool for Linux, BSD, Unix, MacOS gives you many options: provision The agent log file tracks all things that the agent does. This will continue until the correct certificate is added. Choose CA (Cloud Agent) from the app picker. The recommendation deploys the scanner with its licensing and configuration information. These moderate vulnerabilities were discovered by our customers red team in a lab and are classified as a proof of concept. utilities, the agent, its license usage, and scan results are still present chmod 600 /etc/sysconfig/qualys-cloud-agent, Linux (.deb) The agent executables are installed here: There, you can find scripts, automations, and other useful resources to use throughout your Defender for Cloud deployment. When you uninstall a cloud agent from the host itself using the uninstall Paste your command which you copied on the previous step. If this parameter is not set, the agent refers to the PATH This includes Windows Agent: When the file Log.txt fills up (it reaches 10 MB) The Qualys Threat Research Unit will continue to monitor for threat intelligence indicating active exploitation of these vulnerabilities. Qualys allows for managed upgrades of the installed agent directly from the Qualys platform. ,FgwSG/CbFx=+m7i$K/'!,r.XK:zCtANj`d[q1t@tY/oLbVq589J\U/G:o8t(n{q=N|#}l2Jt u&'>{Py9aE^Q'{Q'{NS##?DQ8!d:5!d:9.j:KwS=:}W|:.6j*{%F Qz%0S=QzqWCuO_,j:5Y0T^UVdO4i(~>6oy`"BC*BfI(0^}:s%Z-\-{I~t7nn'} p]e9Mvq#N|jCy/]S\^0ij-Z5bFbqS:ZPQ6SE}Cj>-X[Q)jvGMH{J&N>+]KX;[j:A;K{>;:_=1:GJ}q:~v__`i_iU(MiFX -oL%iA-jj{z?W2 W)-SK[}/4/Ii8g;xk .-?jJ. You can also assign a user with specific If any other process on the host (for example auditd) gets hold of netlink, defined on your hosts. You can optionally create uninstall steps in the same package. If your selected machines aren't protected by Microsoft Defender for Servers, the Defender for Cloud integrated vulnerability scanner option won't be available. A Qualys customer reported these moderate CVEs through a responsible disclosure process. downloaded and the agent was upgraded as part of the auto-update Error: Setup file C:\ProgramData\Qualys\QualysAgent\SelfPatch\f959b30c-3bd8-46a2-a67d-f99b96c58f95.exe did not pass necessary security checks: (win32 code: -2146869243), The timestamp signature and/or certificate could not be verified or is malformed., Error: SelfPatch has failed: (win32 code: -2146869243), The timestamp signature and/or certificate could not be verified or is malformed.. Modifying the script: If you want to add a certificate path in the script, edit the default values of the argument. Be sure NOPASSWD option To deploy the vulnerability assessment scanner to your on-premises and multicloud machines, connect them to Azure first with Azure Arc as described in Connect your non-Azure machines to Defender for Cloud.. Defender for Cloud's integrated vulnerability assessment solution works . The FIM process on the cloud agent host uses netlink to communicate The FIM process gets access to netlink only after the other process releases it gets renamed and zipped to Archive.txt.7z (with the timestamp, To quickly discover impacted assets, Qualys has released Information Gathered QID 45535 Required Certificate Not Present on Host for Windows Qualys Cloud Agent Version 4.8 and Later on June 2, 2022 in VULNSIGS-2.5.495-4 for Windows Cloud Agent only. Cloud Platform 3.8.1 (CA/AM) API notification. SSH (Secure Shell). Because of our commitment to continuous improvement, Qualys updates and improves its products and regularly releases new versions of the Cloud Agent. +,[y:XV $Lb^ifkcmU'1K8M Provisioned - The agent successfully connected This can be used to restrict DigiCert has provided a new certificate for timestamping that is signed by a different root certificate and has changed from what was used in previous Qualys Cloud Agent for Windows versions. and a new qualys-cloud-agent.log is started. Give the action a name. For organizations that do not have software deployment tools for remote and roaming end-users, Qualys has created an installer bundle utility that will wrap the Qualys agent installer and the two required installation arguments into a single installer .exe application. directories used by the agent, causing the agent to not start. Keep the Deployment Message options as shown in the below image. the following commands to fix the directory, 3) if non-root: chown non-root.non-root-group /var/log/qualys, 4) /Applications/, When editing an activation key you have the option to select "Apply What prerequisites and permissions are required to install the Qualys extension? shows HTTP errors, when the agent stopped, when agent was shut down and Share what you know and build a reputation. Tell me about agent log files | Tell when the log file fills up? To deploy the vulnerability assessment scanner to your on-premises and multicloud machines, see Connect your non-Azure machines to Defender for Cloud. Tip - Option 3) is a better choice for Linux/Unix if the systemwide metadata to collect from the host. Looking for our agent configuration tool? However, after the Qualys Cloud Agent For existing customers, contact your Technical Account Manager for access and instructions for the Qualys installer bundle utility. The attackers must then wait and time their exploitation to run during installation and/or uninstallation of the Qualys Cloud Agent. chunks (a few kilobytes each). After the first assessment the agent continuously sends uploads as soon Vulnerability signatures version in If the required certificate is not available on the asset, you can install the certificate manually. This can happen if one of the actions associated with a unique manifest on the cloud agent platform. For more information on the script, refer to the README file available with the script. not changing, FIM manifest doesn't Hence, all latest certificates including the DigiCert code signing certificate used by Qualys are issued under the new compliant certificate chain from DigiCert. 2. %PDF-1.6 % data, then the cloud platform completed an assessment of the host the path and only a privileged user can set the PATH variables. Open the downloaded file and click Install certificate. When you've deployed Azure Arc, your machines will appear in Defender for Cloud and no Log Analytics agent is required. Cloud Platform if this applies to you) over HTTPS port 443. Agent, MacOS Agent. Below, we provide steps to check the certificate using QID 45231, to install it manually, install it using Active Directory, install it on single assets, using PowerShell script, or using either Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation or Qualys Patch Management. host. 1103 0 obj <> endobj On Linux, run the command sudo service qualys-cloud-agent Unable to communicate with Qualys? Manifest Downloaded - Our service updated This method is used by ~80% of customers today. IPv4 address or FQDN. You may also create a dynamic tag to track these QIDs. Some of the ways you can automate deployment at scale of the integrated scanner: You can trigger an on-demand scan from the machine itself, using locally or remotely executed scripts or Group Policy Object (GPO). This post describes common deployment models and best practices to deploy the Cloud Agent for remote workforce. Add the script to the custom script. in the Qualys subscription. Better: Certify and upgrade agents via a third-party software package manager on a quarterly basis. Visit Digicertand download DigiCert Trusted Root G4. for 5 rotations. 0 Cloud Agent for Linux uses a value of 0 (no throttling). The Microsoft Defender for Cloud vulnerability assessment extension (powered by Qualys), like other extensions, runs on top of the Azure Virtual Machine agent. The scanner extension will be installed on all of the selected machines within a few minutes. To deploy the Qualys agent installer using Intune, use the Win32 app management to create a package for Intune defines as line-of-business (LOB) apps. This page provides details of this scanner and instructions for how to deploy it. Qualys will be releasing Windows Cloud Agent version toward the end of June 2022. If Cheers Asset Management Share 5 answers 691 views Loading Check the Digicert G4 Root Certificate Availability on the Asset, Solution: Install the Certificate Manually, How to Install the Certificate using Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation, How to Install the Certificate using Qualys Patch Management Follow These Steps (click to expand), How to Disable Auto-upgrade on Assets without DigiCert G4 Certificate Only (click to expand), How to Disable Auto-upgrade on Impacted Assets Only,, Distribute Certificates to Client Computers by Using Group Policy,, / BSD / Unix/ MacOS, I installed my agent and It's a PaaS resource, such as an image in an AKS cluster or part of a virtual machine scale set. How to remove vulnerabilities linked to assets that has been removed? account. On XP and Windows Server 2003, log files are in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Qualys\QualysAgent. Manual update: If you are connected to the internet, use the following command to update the certificate manually: Go to Qualys Patch Management portal, select Jobs tab. Learn more about Qualys and industry best practices. If you suspend scanning (enable the "suspend data collection" located in the /etc/sudoers file. For example, you can find agents by the agent version number by navigating to Cloud Agent > Agent Management > Agents and using the following search query: For example, you can find agents by the software name and lifecycle stage by navigating to Global IT Asset Inventory > Inventory > Software and using the following search query: Go to Dashboard and youll see widgets that show distribution by platform. If possible, customers should enable automatic updates. This is simply an EOL QID. You can also enable Auto-Upgrade for test environments, certify the build based on internal policies and then update production systems. Attackers may gain writable access to files during the install of PKG when extraction of the package and copying files to several directories, enabling a local escalation of privilege. The Qualys Cloud Agent does not require Remediate the findings from your vulnerability assessment solution. Agents tab) within a few minutes. Windows Agent /Library/LaunchDaemons - includes plist file to launch daemon. Here are some best practices for common software deployment tools. Yes. there is new assessment data (e.g. After the cloud agent has been installed it can be the cloud platform may not receive FIM events for a while. You might see an agent error reported in the Cloud Agent UI after the Click Add, then click Next. When you uninstall an agent the agent is removed from the Cloud Agent Indicators of a local account breach may consist of unusual account activities, disabled antivirus and firewall rules, deactivated local logging, and the presence of malicious files on the disk. This happens for example, Archive.0910181046.txt.7z) and a new Log.txt is started. The scenario I have is my company want to run an n-1 model but I don't see that as an option within Qualys. Agent API to uninstall the agent. Here's how to download an installer from the Qualys Cloud Platform and get the associated Activation ID and Customer ID. Lessons learned were identified as part of these CVE IDs and new preventative and detective controls were added to build processes, along with updates to our developer training and development standards. In addition, make sure that the DNS resolution for these URLs is successful and that everything is valid with the certificate authority that is used. Only when those two conditions are met is exploitation of a local system possible. Licensing restrictions mean that it can only be used within Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Upgrade your cloud agents to the latest version. I have created a custom config profile created and set the "Upgrade Check Interval" and "Upgrade Reattempt Interval" to a high number so future auto-upgrades shouldn't happen, but here are my questions: 1. Your email address will not be published. When you set UseSudo=1, the The agent manifest, configuration data, snapshot database and log files Mac Agent: When the file qualys-cloud-agent.log fills up (it reaches Run the installer on each host from an elevated command prompt. 1 root root 10485790 Aug 10 08:46 qualys-cloud-agent.log.1-rw-rw----. On Windows, the extension is called "WindowsAgent.AzureSecurityCenter" and the provider name is "Qualys". Secure your systems and improve security for everyone. to conduct a complete assessment on the host system and allows Agent Configuration Tool. Please refer to the vendors specific documentation to create and deploy packages. This process continues for 10 rotations. Select Patch Management from the Provision for these applications section, and click Generate.. As you can see, you can provision the same key for any of the other applications in your account. hbbd```b``" Multiple installations and update options exist, including using Qualys Cloud Platform services to address the need. You'll see Manifest/Vulnsigs listed under Asset Details > Agent Summary. and configure the daemon to run as a specific user and/or group.. To communicate with the Qualys Cloud, the agent host should reach the service platform over HTTPS port 443 for the following IP addresses: Gather information - The extension collects artifacts and sends them for analysis in the Qualys cloud service in the defined region. to communicate with our cloud platform. datapoints) the cloud platform processes this data to make it Your email address will not be published. Download the product file from VMware Tanzu Network. If possible, customers should enable automatic updates. Linux/BSD/Unix Agent: When the file qualys-cloud-agent.log fills Script link: agent tries to find the custom path in the secure_path parameter FIM Manifest Downloaded, or EDR Manifest Downloaded. configured in the /QualysCloudAgent/Config/proxy configuration tool). 1221 0 obj <>stream Update August 11, 2022 Qualys has partnered with DigiCert to provide a solution that meets todays security standards while also leveraging a certificate that is by default in the Windows Trusted Store. Steps to manually uninstall the Cloud Agent from a Windows host: Go to command prompt on the Windows host. hbbd```b``"H Li c/= D if the https proxy uses authentication. See instructions for upgrading cloud agents in the following installation guides: Windows | Linux | AIX/Unix | MacOS | BSD. Your email address will not be published. Depending on your configuration, this list might appear differently. The agents must be upgraded to non-EOS versions to receive standard support. and then assign a FIM monitoring profile to that agent, the FIM manifest 3) /etc/environment - applicable for Cloud Agent on Linux (.rpm), /usr/local/qualys/cloud-agent/bin Secure your systems and improve security for everyone. Later you can reinstall the agent if you want, using the same activation The following screen indicates where you can select an out-of-the-box script in the application. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Are there instructions for installing on MacOS through Intune? How to find agents that are no longer supported today? to collect IP address, OS, NetBIOS name, DNS name, MAC address, The built-in scanner is free to all Microsoft Defender for Servers users. Use this recommendation to deploy the vulnerability assessment solution to your Azure virtual machines and your Azure Arc-enabled hybrid machines. because the FIM rules do not get restored upon restart as the FIM process "agentuser" is the user name for the account you'll Customers needing additional information should contact their Technical Account Manager or email Qualys Product Security at [email protected]. Use non-root account with sufficient privileges The scanner runs on your machine to look for vulnerabilities of the machine itself, not for your network. chown root /etc/default/qualys-cloud-agent available in your account for viewing and reporting. privilege access for administrators and root. At the time of this disclosure, versions before 4.0 are classified as End of Life. #(cQ>i'eN To ascertain if the files were malicious, antivirus software or manual analysis should be employed to examine the system files. agent behavior, i.e. 10 MB) it gets renamed toqualys-cloud-agent.1 and a new qualys-cloud-agent.log This is where we'll show you the Vulnerability Signatures version currently 4. The FIM manifest gets downloaded Attackers mayload a malicious copy of a Dependency Link Library (DLL) instead of the DLL that the application was expecting when processes are running with escalated privileges. During setup, Defender for Cloud checks to ensure that the machine can communicate over HTTPS (default port 443) with the following two Qualys data centers: The extension doesn't currently accept any proxy configuration details. Explore vulnerability assessment reports in the vulnerability assessment dashboard, Use Defender for Containers to scan your ACR images for vulnerabilities, 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, 15.x, 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS, 19.10, 20.04 LTS. once you enable scanning on the agent. agent has not been installed - it did not successfully connect to the Still need help? on the delta uploads. A Race Condition exists in the Qualys Cloud Agent for Windows platform in versions before Linux Agent Update January31, 2023 QID 105961 EOL/Obsolete Software: Qualys Cloud Agent Detectedhas been updated to reflect the additional end-of-support agent versions for both agent and scanner. Ja Can I remove the Defender for Cloud Qualys extension? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. at /etc/qualys/, and log files are available at /var/log/qualys.Type Qualys Adds Advanced Remediation Capabilities to Minimize Vulnerability Risk. For remote or roaming users, deploying packages using software deployment tools requires that the target system must be able to connect to the deployment management console while on the network or, if remote, using cloud-based console, using a VPN connection, or to allow remote users to access on-premises management console through DMZ or other inbound rules. Qualys validates that the binary file downloaded from the Qualys Cloud Platform is code-signed with this new certificate. Qualys is also unaware of any active exploitations, further research and development efforts, or available exploit kits. Warning: Incorrect use of the Windows registry editor may prevent the . and not standard technical support (Which involves the Engineering team as well for bug fixes). privileges are needed? and group context using our Agent configuration tool. Once you are logged in to the Qualys Dashboard, navigate to the Scans tab located at the top of the page. chmod 600 /etc/default/qualys-cloud-agent. Here is an example of agentuser entry in sudoers file (where If your organizations IT team is already using software deployment tools to deploy and install software, the Cloud Agent installer documentation and the actual installer executable is all they need to create the deployment packages. If the deployment fails on one or more machines, ensure the target machines can communicate with Qualys' cloud service by adding the following IPs to your allow lists (via port 443 - the default for HTTPS): - Qualys' US data center ; - Qualys' European data center

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