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revolution dance competition awards

You will be able to access your score sheets and critiques via your dashboard on your online registration account. p 06. Ballroom - A routine utilizing Standard or Latin Ballroom technique and must be performed with ballroom heels or ballroom shoes only. However, they may compete at another regional event in the same year with a different routine. with only one score. Props that take longer will need to register for extended time. Drill Team - A group performing military type moves with precision marching and may incorporate any type of dance. Regional winnings may be redeemed for any SDA 2022 National Championship or for a 2023 Regional Competition from the issuing competition. One Level 2 dancer and 8 Level 1 dancers will determine the routine to be placed in Level 2. This will be awarded to both 11 & Under and 12 & Over age divisions. PLEASE NOTE: If there are any substitutions of any performers for championships, the ages must then be re-averaged and the group must then compete at the age division that the average is as of the first day of championships they are attending. There is a fee to enter your routine in our Costume Contest. You can track the Power Rankings weekly at Reserving a space in a particular event without a deposit does not Guarantee your reservation. CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD This award will be presented to the teacher/choreographer of a Group or Line based on outstanding choreography. MUSICAL THEATRE INTENSIVE SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: The Power 5th Place Overall (Elite/Novice), Thank God Im A Country Girl 4th Place Overall, Dakota Bullis (Elite/Novice), Put A Ring On It Mackenzie Kettinger & Madison Rauen (Elite/Novice), Nikiyas Entrance Addison Price (Diamond/Novice), Bon Appetite Mackenzie Kettinger (Diamond/Novice), Love With Your Life 9th Place Overall, Emma Williamson (Diamond/Novice), Angels Standing By Ava Kamlan (Elite/Novice), Somewhere Only We Know 1st Place Overall, 1st Place Lyrical Category Cup, Addison Price (Double Diamond/Novice), Sleeping Beauty Addison Price & Jackson Minton (Diamond/Novice), Betty Lou Has A New Pair of Shoes Alana Austin (Elite/Novice), Perfect Isabella Dent, Jasmine Limon & Sydney Parker (Diamond/Intermediate), Spellbound 8th Place Overall, Alexandria Adams (Elite/Novice), Love Theme Isabella Dent (Diamond/Intermediate), This Is America Addison Bergquist (Elite/Novice), New Girl In Town Jasmine Limon (Diamond/Intermediate), Surrender Melissa Cordova (Diamond/Intermediate), Human Isabella Dent (Diamond/Intermediate) Wake Me Up Jasmine Limon (Diamond/Intermediate), Ive Got the Music In Me Melissa Cordova (Diamond/Intermediate), Hustle Isabella Dent (Elite/Intermediate), Destinations 1st Place Overall, 1st Place Lyrical Category Cup, Gabriella Rae & Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Jubilant Melody Sydney Parker (Diamond/Intermediate), Bitter and Sweet 1st Place Contemporary Category Cup, Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Once I Was Loved Audrey Brizic (Diamond/Competitive), Where the Light Goes Laura Jumper (Diamond/Competitive), Little Red Riding Hood Emma Silva (Diamond/Novice), Never Let Me Go 6th Place Overall, Emma Silva (Diamond/Novice), In My Blood 2nd Place Overall, 1st Place Lyrical Category Cup, Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Fire On Fire 7th Place Overall, Audrey Brizic (Double Diamond/Competitive), La Bayadere 3rd Shade Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Rhythm Is A Dancer 1st Place Tap Category Cup, Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Without the Lights 8th Place Overall, Alena Freehling, Ashley Kress & Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond/Competitive), All My Life 10th Place Overall, Cora Sinclair & Emma Hamilton (Diamond/Competitive), My Head Above Water Emma Hamilton (Diamond/Competitive), Blink Twice Ashley Kress (Double Diamond/Competitive), Every Breath You Take 1st Place Overall, 1st Place Contemporary Category Cup, Gabriella Rae (Double Diamond/Competitive), Habits Alena Freehling (Double Diamond/Competitive), Dreams Day Minton (Diamond/Competitive), Bye Baby Emma Hamilton (Diamond/Competitive), The Stars Emma Hamilton (Diamond/Competitive), The Feeling of Being Brieyelle Collins (Diamond/Competitive), The Broken Ones Cora Sinclair (Diamond/Competitive), Cant Help Falling In Love 8th Place Overall, Ashley Kress (Double Diamond/Competitive), Is That Alright 1st Place Lyrical Category Cup, Gabriella Rae (Double Diamond/Competitive), Georgia Alena Freehling (Double Diamond/Competitive), Turn Back the Clocks Day Minton (Diamond/Competitive), Stone Woman Gabriella Rae (Double Diamond/Competitive), Snow White Variation Ashley Kress (Double Diamond/Competitive), Pharaohs Daughter Gabriella Rae (Double Diamond/Competitive), Somebodys Watching Me 10th Place Overall, Brooklyn Braswell (Double Diamond/Competitive), This Is Where We Come Alive Mackenzie Halton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Black Velvet Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond/Competitive), Playing With Fire Brooklyn Braswell (Double Diamond/Competitive), End of the Line 2nd Place Overall, 1st Place Lyrical Category Cup, Elizabeth Salvador (Double Diamond/Competitive), Lost 3rd Place Overall, Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond/Competitive), Courage Mackenzie Halton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Diamonds 9th Place Overall, Mackenzie Halton (Double Diamond/Competitive), Something In Between Elizabeth Salvador (Double Diamond/Competitive), Clare de Lune Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond/Competitive), Nicole Hamilton (Age 13-14) Gabriella Rae (Age 15-16), Elizabeth Salvador 6th Place (Age 17-19), Precious Moments Ava Kamlan (Angels Standing By), Poetry In Motion Nicole Hamilton & Gabriella Rae (Destinations), 2nd Place Overall Junior Solo Somewhere Only We Know, Addison Price, 3rd Place Overall Teen Solo Bitter and Sweet, Nicole Hamilton, 1st Place Overall Teen Duet/Trio Destinations, Gabriella Rae & Nicole Hamilton, 2nd Place Overall Senior Solo Every Breath You Take, Gabriella Rae, 5th Place Overall Premier Solo Lost, Audrey Leonard, Somewhere Only We Know 2nd Place Lyrical, 2nd Place Overall, Addison Price (Platinum), Nikiyas Entrance 1st Place Ballet, Addison Price (Platinum), Sleeping Beauty 1st Place Ballet, Addison Price & Jackson Minton (High Gold), Human 2nd Place Lyrical, Isabella Dent (Platinum), This Is America Addison Bergquist (Gold), Hustle 3rd Place Tap, Isabella Dent (High Gold), Perfect 3rd Place Character, Jasmine Limon, Isabella Dent & Sydney Parker (High Gold), In My Blood 2nd Place Lyrical, Nicole Hamilton (Platinum), Remember My Name Selena Espinoza (Gold), Rhythm Is A Dancer 3rd Place Tap, Nicole Hamilton (High Gold), Talisman 2nd Place Ballet, Nicole Hamilton (High Gold), Bitter and Sweet 2nd Place Contemporary, 2nd Overall, Nicole Hamilton (Platinum), Destinations 1st Place Lyrical, 1st Place Overall, Gabriella Rae & Nicole Hamilton (Platinum), Snow White Variation 2nd Place Ballet, Ashley Kress (Platinum), Moved 3rd Place Lyrical, Paige Swope (Platinum), Cant Help Falling In Love 2nd Place Lyrical, Ashley Kress (Platinum), Pharaohs Daughter 1st Place Ballet, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Come Dance With Me 2nd Place Tap, Isabella Espinoza (High Gold), Every Breath You Take 2nd Place Contemporary, 2nd Overall, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Is That Alright 1st Place Lyrical, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Stone Woman 2nd Place Open, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), The Feeling of Being Brieylle Collins (High Gold), Turn Back the Clocks Day Minton (High Gold), Marathon Audrey Leonard & Paige Swope (High Gold), Pon De Replay 1st Place Tap, Isabella Espinoza & Elizabeth Salvador (High Gold), Black Velvet 1st Place Jazz, Audrey Leonard (Platinum), Diamonds 3rd Place Character, Mackenzie Halton (High Gold), Playing With Fire Brooklyn Braswell (High Gold), End of the Line 2nd Place Lyrical, Elizabeth Salvador (Platinum), Lost 1st Place Lyrical, 5th Overall, Audrey Leonard (Platinum), Something In Between 2nd Place Open, Elizabeth Salvador (Platinum), Highest Scoring Routine of the Weekend Feeling You, Gabriella Rae (Solo), Highest Scoring Solo, Duo or Trio Feeling You, Gabriella Rae (Solo), Highest Scoring Group or Production Your Light (Group), First Class Entertainment Quiet (Group), Moulin Rouge Ceresa Freehling (Production), Cha Cha Heels 1stPlace Overall Group (Titanium), Rather Be 3rdPlace Overall Group (Platinum), Material Girl 2ndPlace Overall Group (Platinum), Girl Power 2ndPlace Overall Large Group (Platinum), Me Too 4thPlace Overall Large Group (Platinum), Real Wild Child 4thPlace Overall Group, No Parking on the Dance Floor 2ndOverall, Jakai Buice & MyKaela Cottrell (Platinum), Gift of A Friend 4thPlace Overall, Ava Kamlan & Mackenzie Kettinger (Platinum), Sugar Plum Fairy, 2ndPlace Overall, Addison Price (Platinum), Sugar Sugar, 3rdPlace Overall, Raelyn Cottrell (Platinum), Ma Hes Making Eyes at Me, 1stPlace Overall, Addison Price (Titanium), Level Up 1stPlace Overall Large Group (Platinum), Shake the Room 3rdPlace Overall, Lauren Nomura & Melissa Cordova (Platinum), Bridge of Light 2ndPlace Overall, Lauren Nomura (Titanium), Wild Side 3rdPlace Overall Group (Platinum), Dancing in the Streets 2ndPlace Overall Group (Platinum), Wings 3rdPlace Overall, Eriannah Roybal & Selena Espinoza (Gold), Boom Boom Pow! This will be an event that will make a huge impact and difference in your studio life. Studios will be limited to (1) entry from each age group within each division. [email protected] Performance opportunities; Scholarships available; Class Division: ability The Dance Awards 2022 Dance Revolution 817.251.9898 Please note, the judges may elect to take more routines based on score. To register for extended time, please check the box on the routine that indicates Request Extended Time on your online studio account. If you wish to enter the costume division, please check appropriate box when you register that routine online. Winners in each title division will receive a trophy/sash/ and a crown. At each regional event, we will host a Title competition incorporated into the solo competition. Level 2 The five (5) highest scoring routines from the Small Group, Large Group, & Line Divisions from each age group (Petite, Junior, Teen & Senior) will be invited. The IDA "People's Choice Award" will be determined by a popular vote and will take place online between August 18 - September 1, 2023. LEVELSRevolutionary: (not eligible)Platinum: 280-300Elite Gold: 275-279.9Gold: 270-274.9Elite Silver: 265-269.9Silver: 260-264.9Elite Bronze: 255-259.9Bronze: 250-254.9Honorable Mention: 0-249.9. Any Regional Title Champion may not compete the same routine for Title, at another Regional Event. Players stand on a "dance platform" or stage . The winner of the IDA "People's Choice Award" will be . Entries will be adjudicated, and will receive High Score Awards within this level. This may result in disqualification or removal from overall high scores. If any one is found videoing or taking pictures in the competition auditorium Revolution Talent Competition reserves the right to take the video tape or delete the video footage. p 07. If this routine changes to a Small Group, then they will be eligible for High Scores and will qualify for Nationals as a Small Group. Reservations are on a first come first served basis with a Deposit attached to your account. Level 1 (Formerly Novice)This award will be given to the highest overall scoring Petite Group/Line, Junior Group/Line, Teen Group/ Line and Senior Group/Line. Any dancer in Level 2 or Level 3 who wishes to have their routine judged for Title should check the appropriate box while registering their solo online, or they may register at the door prior to their performance. Addison Bergquist & Isabella Dent (Diamond), Wings Eriannah Roybal & Selena Espinoza (Diamond), Like You 8thPlace Overall, Jasmine Limon (Diamond), Nicest Kids 3rdPlace Overall, Emma Silva (Diamond), Talisman Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond), Love Theme 9thPlace Overall, Isabella Dent (Diamond), Twilight 1stPlace Contemporary Category Cup, Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond), Bleed for Love 1stPlace Overall, 1stPlace Lyrical Category Cup, Nicole Hamilton (Double Diamond), Mungojerrie & Rempleteazer Paige & Alexandra Swope (Diamond), Everywhere You Go Audrey Leonard & Audrey Brizic (Diamond), Silhouette Nicole Hamilton & Cheyenne Wilson (Diamond), Spinning Bottles Sarah Pomeroy (Diamond), Im Good 8thPlace Overall, Alexandra Swope (Diamond), When the Partys Over 6thPlace Overall, Paige Swope (Diamond), Quiet Darkness Alena Freehling (Diamond), Harvest Love 10thPlace Overall, Alena Freehling (Diamond), Counting Stars Isabella Espinoza (Diamond), Schoolin Life 4thPlace Overall, Brooklyn Morrison (Diamond), I Fall to Pieces Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond), The Chain 1stPlace Jazz Category Cup, Audrey Leonard (Diamond), Love Is Blind Caitlyn Agurkis (Diamond), Everybody Knows 1stPlace Specialty/Open Category Cup, Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond), Crowded Places, 2ndPlace Overall, 1stPlace Contemporary Category Cup, Audrey Leonard (Double Diamond), Quality of Movement Paige Swope (When the Partys Over), Perfect Prop Alena Freehling (Quiet Darkness), Articulation Nicole Hamilton (Twilight), Creative Concept Jakai Buice & MyKaela Cottrell (No Parking on the Dance Floor), Evening Ceremony 1stPlace Open, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Grand Pas Classique 1stPlace Ballet, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Amen 1stPlace Contemporary/Lyrical, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), It Must Have Been Love 2ndPlace Contemporary/Lyrical, Elizabeth Salvador (Platinum), Single City Scholarship Elizabeth Salvador, Cutting Edge in Tap DancerPalooza Brooklyn Braswell, The Main Event Workshop Brooklyn Braswell, Overall Highest Scoring Group, Line, Production Your Light (Presidents Award), Overall Highest Scoring Solo, Duo, Trio Evening Ceremony, Gabriella Rae (Directors Award), Highest Scoring Teen Group/Line Broken Mirrors, Small Fry Miss DEA Addison Price (Ma Hes Making Eyes at Me), Junior Miss DEA Lauren Nomura (Bridge of Light), Pre-Teen Miss DEA Nicole Hamilton (Bleed for Love), Teen Miss DEA Gabriella Rae (Evening Ceremony), Miss DEA Audrey Leonard (Everybody Knows), Your Light Ashley Valerio (Teen Small Group), Depth Over Distance Helen Estrella (Teen Small Group), Real Wild Child 2nd Place Small Group (Gold), Cha Cha Heels 4th Place Small Group (Pre-Competitive) (Gold), Level Up 1st Place Large Group (High Gold), Dancing in the Streets 3rd Place Large Group (High Gold), Says It All 4th Place Large Group (Platinum), Ghostbusters 3rd Place Large Group (Platinum), Depth Over Distance 3rd Place Small Group (Platinum), Moulin Rouge 1st Place Line (High Gold), Inevitable 4th Place Small Group (Platinum), Chop This Tree Down 1st Place Large Group (Platinum), Spectrum 5th Place Small Group (Platinum), Broken Mirrors 2nd Place Small Group (Platinum), Crazy in Love 2nd Place Large Group (Platinum), Your Light 1st Place Small Group (Platinum), Sugar Sugar 2nd Place, Raelyn Cottrell (Gold), Ma, Hes Making Eyes at Me 1st Place, Addison Price (High Gold), Sugar Plum Fairy Addison Price (High Gold), Bridge of Light 1st Place, Lauren Nomura (High Gold), Like You 3rd Place, Jasmine Limon (High Gold), Love Theme 4th Place, Isabella Dent (High Gold), Bleed for Love 1st Place, Nicole Hamilton (Platinum), Grand Pas Classique Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Spinning Bottles Sarah Pomeroy (High Gold), I Dreamed A Dream 3rd Place, Ashley Kress (Platinum), When the Partys Over 4th Place, Paige Swope (Platinum), Quiet Darkness Alena Freehling (High Gold), Evening Ceremony 1st Place, Gabriella Rae (Platinum), Kitri Variation Kenzie Adams (High Gold), Kiss Me 5th Place, Lillea Cole (Platinum), Selfish 2nd Place, Cheyenne Wilson (Platinum), Beginning of the End Ashley Kress (Platinum), Harvest Love Alena Freehling (High Gold), If You Want Love Kenya Fullington (High Gold), Full of Grace Sarah Pomeroy (High Gold), Counting Stars Isabella Espinoza (Platinum), Broken Vessels Emma Hamilton (High Gold), Stay with Me Cheyenne Wilson (Platinum), Schoolin Life 4th Place, Brooklyn Morrison (Platinum), Sound of Silence Brooklyn Braswell (High Gold), I Fall to Pieces Audrey Leonard (Platinum), Love Is Blind Caitlyn Agurkis (High Gold), Like A River Runs 3rd Place, Brooklyn Braswell (Platinum), Everybody Knows 1st Place, Audrey Leonard (Platinum), Already Gone Caitlyn Agurkis (High Gold), It Must Have Been Love 2nd Place, Elizabeth Salvador (Platinum), As Long as You Live Melanie Salvador (High Gold), Crowded Places Audrey Leonard (Platinum), Gift of A Friend 1st Place, Ava Kamlan & Mackenzie Kettinger (Gold), Shake the Room 1st Place, Lauren Nomura & Melissa Cordova (High Gold), Boom Boom WOW 2nd Place, Addison Bergquist & Isabella Dent (Gold), Wings 3rd Place, Eriannah Roybal & Selena Espinoza (Gold), Mungojerrie & Rempleteazer 3rd Place Duo, Paige & Alexandra Swope (High Gold), Everywhere You Go 2nd Place Duo, Audrey Leonard & Audrey Brizic (Platinum), Hot Hunny Rag 4th Place Duo, Cheyenne Wilson & Mackenzie Halton (High Gold), Change 1st Place Trio, Alexa Unger, Isabella Espinoza, Laura Jumper (High Gold), Silhouette 1st Place Duo, Cheyenne Wilson & Nicole Hamilton (Platinum), Versatile Dancer Alexandra Swope (Solo), Absolutely Fantastic Ashley Kress (Solo), Fosse Babies Cheyenne Wilson & Mackenzie Halton (Duo). ASSIGNING LEVELS The following guidelines are suggestions to be used in determining the appropriate level placement of each competitor. The same contestant may not place more than once. TOP ENTERTAINER CHAMPIONS REGIONAL TITLE WINNERS: No Parking on the Dance Floor 2ndPlace Overall, Jakai Buice & MyKaela Cottrell (Diamond), Sugar Sugar 9thPlace Overall, Raelyn Cottrell (Diamond), Ma Hes Making Eyes at Me 1st Place Theatre Dance Category Cup, Addison Price (Double Diamond), Sugar Plum Fairy 1stPlace Overall, Addison Price (Double Diamond), Shake the Room 4thPlace Overall, Lauren Nomura & Melissa Cordova (Diamond), Bridge of Light Lauren Nomura (Diamond), Boom Boom Pow! james and sikes marianna, fl, plantation lakes homes for rent,

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