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what to do after sf city hall wedding

Additionally could this take place in any open space at city hall and at any time (adhering to when city hall is open of course). Need pro tips? But our schedule does book rather quickly, so get in touch as soon as you can. Scheduling it for the same day as the wedding is not recommended. Hi Celia! One of them is the fashionable Brendas French Soul Food that is much loved by food and lifestyle bloggers. I have a full guide linked here on how you can add special touches to your experience. There are many photographers around, but few who specialize in City Hall weddings. You can travel by cars or book a hassle-free guided tour via Get Your Guide or Viator. Zoe even took some of us on a bus as a way to recreate where my husband and I met!For our actual 9am Friday wedding on the Fourth Floor of SF City Hall, Zoe came with us early to take shots around the venue prior to our actual ceremony. Check in to the office 10 minutes before your ceremony if possible. The 23 restaurants on my list all serve excellent food and will take great care of you. Hi Zoe, thanks for providing all this great info! It has a cozy ambiance with inviting string lights above the patio itself and a warm outdoor firepit for chilly evenings. At Pier 39 you can spot sea lions, the Barbary Coast will give you a glimpse of towns history, while the iconic bridge that connects San Francisco to Californias northern countries provides jaw-dropping photo opportunities. Make your reservation on the City Hall appointment website here. There are many different areas that can be combined, totalling over 9,000 square feet of event space. Yes. Its here: It has a relaxed and low-key vibe, with romantic string lights, patio seating and unique floral and fauna design creations courtesy of their resident floral designer. The Cavalier is a London-inspired brasserie, located adjacent to Hotel Zetta in San Franciscos SoMA neighborhood. Arrive on your ceremony day. Looking at the restaurants section, lunch menus seem to be quite limited. It can be picked up from any county in California. In the past 5 years its gained so much popularity and I see it getting more and more crowded each time Im there! Open Monday-Friday 7:30-4pm and Saturday-Sunday 9-4pm. 3. If youre more excited about your marriage than the wedding and the idea of spending years to craft the perfect day, then a ceremony here might be perfect for you! Where would be a good place to go afterwards for lunch and drinks? Most couples go out to eat after the ceremony, whether its on their own, with a few friends, or with a large gathering of loved ones. A one-hour private area rental gives you more privacy, the ability to customize your ceremony, and you can have more guests (with optional seating). Here are a few ideas: Heres a list of my favorite restaurants to have your reception at post-City Hall. Prior to our meeting, I was sure to read & watch the guides Zoe expertly produced on what to expect from an engagement shoot, what to wear, and how to pose, which she quickly recapped before we got started. It doesnt stop here there is plenty more to dive into! If youre looking for something closer to City Hall to cut down on travel time, I have compiled a list of wedding photo locations that arewithin 3 miles of City Hallfor added convenience. This can be a friend or family member which is a very popular choice. And this is the typical goal for couples: simplicity. This article however goes into more of the nuance of how it actually works and what Im allowed to say publicly:, 12 Comments on Complete Guide to Getting Married at San Francisco City Hall in 2023, Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Their extensive menu is dedicated to fresh seafood, dim sum and dinner with banquet tastings. The only caveat is the change in ceremony times - right now the last time slot is 1 PM (post-COVID) but it could change. As one of San Francisco's most well known symbols, the cable car holds a special place in every San Franciscan's heart. Lets dive a little deeper into each type of ceremony! City Hall is now strictly enforcing the 6-guest rule with immediate effect. Its known for being a quick and easy route. If you are prepared to go that extra mile, why not make an exciting two-day itinerary for your wedding guests. The private dining menu features a large selection of hors doeuvres, Oysters Adrift showcasing decadent raw bars and classic fish dishes as well as sustainably raised meat and poultry. I would be honored to be your SF City Hall wedding photographer. Or, if you prefer to do everything on the same day, schedule your marriage license appointment at least one hour before your ceremony to give yourselves plenty of time. Hi - my boyfriend and I plan to get married at SF City Hall on a Friday in September this year. The amount of time for this depends on how much time was booked with us. So far, everything weve described about the day sounds so formal. Ive an article coming out soon about City Hall news and updates post-pandemic. Access information about getting married at San Francisco City Hall. A guest count of up to 200 is included in the price. This could be as simple as Memorial Court, located right behind City Hall, or you could opt for one of the iconic San Francisco photo landmarks. The most popular private ceremony option is the one-hour wedding, held during the same hours as public civil ceremonies: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. And with so many elegant restaurants, bars and hotels literally around the corner, you are bound to find a place youll love. And I got to join her. Whether you want to splurge on five-star luxury or find something chic but affordable, it is likely that you will find just what you are looking for in this area. There are two different areas to choose from: You can design your ceremony to resemble a more traditional wedding, such as reading your own wedding vows, having acoustic musicians and floral decorations on plinths. At Poesia youll find homemade pasta, focaccia & Calabrian fare paired with wall projections of classic Italian films. This is where the civil ceremonies take place. One of the most well-known and affordable spots for all-size groups (especially larger ones) for SF City Hall weddings. Please note this number includes any children in your party, as well as photographers and videographers. I know itll be too late for you, for which I apologize but hoping this may help others who have the same question. To book your private area rental, youll need to give a minimum of three weeks notice. With immediate effect as of February 14 2022, San Francisco City Hall is once again limiting the number of guests permitted to attend Civil Ceremonies to 6. Pin it on Pinterest! Wedding photographers book up to 18 months out so the sooner the better after youre confirmed with City Hall. This room also features a private terrace with views of the Bay. The diffused natural light is great for photos! Lavish hotels near City Hall include the Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, Palace Hotel and Kimpton Sir Francis Drake. This place is known in the neighborhood as a go-to brunch spot and offers brunch on weekdays too. And thats exactly what city hall provides a smooth public ceremony process theyve refined over the years. There are so many! Photocopies are not acceptable. Its located on McAllister St, adjacent to Civic Center Plaza. Just like a big wedding, you should start with a guest list since that can dictate everything else. If you want to have a courthouse wedding in San Francisco, there's only one place to do it: San Francisco City Hall. The key advantage of planning a small City Hall wedding ceremony is having a plethora of options for lunch, dinner or cocktails. This spot is one of my absolute favorites! Plus it has rustic wooden furnishings and pirates-themed dcor. Thanks for sharing! The California Academy of Sciences offers late-night admission every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., while the de Young Museum, one of the city's best art museums is open late on Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Many of San Francisco's best museums offer late-night entry at least once a week. Thank you so much! San Francisco is notorious for it. involved with giving the illusion of it being free of people. Craft a day-of timeline with your photographer, Book officiant, musicians if private ceremony, Provide family groupings list to photographer, Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes early to account for any delays, Check in for civil ceremony 15 minutes prior. When should you start planning your San Francisco City Hall wedding? Civil ceremonies usually take place in the area at the top of the Grand Staircase known as the Rotunda. Creating content is my passion! And when the formalities are over, everyone will be in the mood for a delicious brunch! She studied our sequence of events of the day and discuss in detail to plan for the spots with best lighting conditions. When it's time for your appointment, head to Room 168 on the first floor of City Hall - and don't forget your IDs! The restaurant offers rich decor and expansive windows which frame the Bay Bridge. This is the exact information Ive been looking for!! Proximity to City Hall is extremely important, while a private bar with a great selection of cocktails a bonus! E&O Kitchen and Bar is a modern Asian restaurant and lounge in the heart of San Franciscos vibrant Union Square, steps away from the Financial District. For every ceremony that we attend, we obviously are there as the wedding photographer. The heating is usually on full blast and then the sun streams in and ups the temperature even more! Host an extended cocktail hour with drinks, oysters (if you want! The building is only relatively empty when the doors open at 8am. For smaller wedding ceremonies If you have 6 guests or fewer, make an appointment to have a small civil marriage ceremony or domestic partnership ceremony at City Hall. This place has a lot of character, its cute, quaint and down-to-earth. They are open from 8 AM and they serve next level eggs benedict. SF City Hall civil ceremonies are simple. Though the price tag is higher than a civil ceremony, a private rental is pretty unbeatable for a San Francisco wedding. Your email address will not be published. Browse through our portfolio to see what other couples have worn, but we know that youll make it your own! This isnt part of the process that I have any insight into as a photographer, Im afraid. Sample timeline for your City Hall wedding day. She shot both the City Hall ceremony and our reception. N&J went to Harringtons Bar and Grill with their guests for a pint! (No matter what, we provide beautiful photos, but we do get more light the later it is.). The romantic, heated back patio is excellent for groups of up to 22. On Thursdays, the weekend rush starts to pick up. After the ceremony and your wedding photoshoot, you will want to celebrate over a delicious meal. What different types of ceremonies are available? Start the process well ahead of time - the fabric for my suit got delayed by months due to shipping logistics and set the whole process back. Weddings of ANY size are chock full of emotion and little moments you dont want to rush. You also get to control when proceedings start, and say your own vows. Browse through our list and call ahead to make a reservation. Early morning weddings (starting at 9am) give you the rest of the day to celebrate in your own way. Best known for its breakfasts and brunches! SF City Hall civil ceremonies are simple. So after the ceremony we immediately guide the couple to our go-to spots around the building for photos. Here is a detailed plan for couples planning a City Hall wedding! Keep in mind that this restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesday to Saturday they open at 11:30 AM. Or pick one of the quirky, amusing places such as Muse Mecaniqu showcasing a stunning collection of coin-operated musical instruments. Plus it'll allow you to get golden hour sunset portraits or plan for a dinner reception! The entire second floor of the Waterbar is given over to private dining. Andrea and the amazing team will take good care of you. So, if you love my photography style, get in touch to check my availability. Many of them offer private dining which is available for various-sized groups. You can have a total of 100 guests in attendance. Did you know that most of them are located in the town center? We recommend private dining areas at Absinthe and Proper Hotel which are within walking distance from City Hall or E & O Kitchen and Bar and Lazy Bear that are approximately 1.5 miles away. San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Sean Manaea throws a ball during a practice session at the Alfredo Harp . My style is candid, capturing authentic moments for my couples all over the Bay Area and Northern California. If you prefer booking well in advance, you can do so up to a maximum of 24 months. [Updated for 2020! Civil ceremony appointments are Monday through Friday, every half hour between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm. They will assign you a number and you will wait in the hall again before you meet the judge who will be . There will likely be one other couple who waits with you. Check in with the clerk to let them know that you have arrived. I just wanted to clarify the guest count. Founded in 1974, the Cable Car Museum began as an educational non-profit with free admission for all interested in the integral role the cable car played in San Francisco's past and present. Neapolitan-style pizzas, New American small bites, beer & wine in intimate, rustic-chic digs. Any info you have on this would be hugely appreciated. Ive been a wedding photographer since 2008 and Ive included tons of photos and info below to help you see exactly what your wedding reception could look like at any of these places. ago Loved reading this! This SF City Hall Guide might be helpful to you as you're planning! For the former, they can be booked up to 2 years out (and for busy dates, its worth booking ASAP). From the photos you might get the impression that most of these couples pictured have the whole place to themselves, but that isnt the case unless you get here at 8am! You need to bring your marriage license and your government-issued ID. And to save a couple of hundred dollars, it would be a false economy. I would not recommend picking up your license on the wedding day itself. Walker's death in June sparked protests in Akron after police released body camera footage showing officers firing from multiple . A lunch or dinner reservation can determine this as well. The rooftop of Lusk is where its at! Dont be afraid to experiment with edgier styles! There are different areas available for rental such as the Blue Room, the Rail Car, and Mariannes bar. Many private dining options available depending on the size of the group. To say her smile took away our stress and her attitude and knowledge made our day perfect would be the understatement of the century. What are some recommended portrait locations? If you have booked into a luxury hotel, then ring room service and indulge a breakfast in bed. Thanks! There is plenty of patience (and Photoshop!) Your ceremony is still 30-60 minutes away after you check in. Decide on type of marriage license For a public license: you need at least one witness at the ceremony is a public record For a confidential license: you must be living together There are 2 two-hour rental options on Saturdays, usually starting at either 9am or 12pm. You can find more info on their website. What does La Mar Cebicheria Peruana offer? Can we schedule the Marriage License appointment the same week as our Civil Ceremony Appointment? Well-known as a destination for seasonal craft cocktails utilizing seasonal fruit plus a unique collection of wine and craft beer. License costs vary across counties, with San Francisco being the highest in California. But we promise it doesnt feel that way! The Wayfare Tavern comes highly recommended and we've shot there numerous times, definitely more than any other San Francisco restaurant. Its super private and secluded with an intimate, relaxed charm to it. Its not uncommon to have no guests at all, but remember that you do need a witness. Order your wedding dress allowing time for alterations. Starbelly is a casual and friendly neighborhood restaurant in San Franciscos lively Castro District. Chill at your home or hotel, go on a hike, to a sports game, anything you want. Also wanted to get your pricing since you have experience photographing city hall ceremonies. Wine Spectator award-winning wine list, recently voted Best Overall Restaurant in San Francisco. Meet your photographer for romantic portraits at City Hall (45 minutes). What should we wear for our San Francisco City Hall, Tips for getting married in San Francisco City Hall, Pick the right day and timeslot that works for you, Carve out some time when its just the two of you, Choosing a San Francisco City Hall photographer, Book your appointment with City Hall for your ceremony, San Francisco City Hall Events Page One-Hour Weddings, San Francisco City Hall Events Page Two Hour Weddings, All of my City Hall informative blog posts. There are so many options and ideas to add on to the basics! I would avoid bringing too much stuff in general. From there, you can decide whether you want to add on a full reception or simple meal with loved ones, or keep it really simple and just enjoy the rest of your day just the two of you. But, they dont give you a lot of time to get ready. Officially, a maximum of 6 guests are permitted to attend your San Francisco City Hall Civil Ceremony. If youre on a tight budget, it would be better just to keep things simple and cut some events out. Private area rental (Mayors Balcony or 4th Floor North Gallery). Choice of 4 different private dining areas that can be combined for larger groups, with the smallest private dining experience for 15 guests. The provided officiant or Deputy Marriage Commissioner will perform your ceremony. For more information about San Francisco City Hall Rotunda and the floor plan, visit the Event's Department page. Be careful not to bring any prohibited items inadvertently as youll be entering through airport-style security. We think youll love Vive La Tarte, Scullery, Straw and Dotties True Blue Caf. There are three different areas for private / semi-private dining: the Chefs Table, the Oenos Room and the Hania Room. They are a. Usually, youll need to sign a contract and put down a deposit of $750 by money order or cashiers check. For parties of 12 or more, theres a prix fix menu. My fianc and I are planning on scheduling our civil marriage ceremony for 12/4/21. SF City Hall tends to be less busy towards the end of the day as tours have left and there are no more ceremonies after yours, which means it'll be easier to capture the iconic shots on the staircase and balcony. Every judge says the same thing with only about 10% variation between each one. Look for venues that are open on weekdays and serve the food you love. See also: How to get married at SF City Hall , The Rotunda , Mayors Balcony , 4th floor , 3rd floor , Front Door , County Clerk , Grand Staircase , Things to do after , Where to stay before the wedding , Candid photos , Natural . However, your officiant will make the final determination. So a total of 8 people with bride, groom, photographer, and guests? Soak in the Irish vibe and cheers to your happiness with all of your guests. Finding a restaurant wont be a problem because there are so many great nearby places with fantastic in between menus. One thing to be aware of is that this is a busy building. Keep in mind that personal vows are not permitted, due to the simplified nature of a civil ceremony. Tucked along tree-lined Sacramento Street in the historic Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, Spruce offers a warm and elegant dining experience. Enjoy your day, enjoy your loved ones, and enjoy your time together. The same goes for my expert team of associate photographers. Plus, read more San Francisco City Hall wedding tips and tricks Ive written about and shared, below. The planning process is typically much simpler and can take as little as a few weeks for a civil ceremony. A walk-in restaurant, or reserve a table up to 1 month in advance, A casual, bustling cafe vibe with lots of white walls and exposed brickwork, Award-winning food and great location within a short walk of San Francisco City Hall. It has to be within 90 days of your ceremony, so dont do it too far in advance. In short, its an elevated experience. Fridays are by far the busiest and this is year-round. I appreciate this website. What to do 1. Be it a One-hour Wedding on the Mayor's Balcony with stunning views of the Grand Staircase, or an Evening Wedding with dinner and dancing under the ornate dome of the Rotunda, you'll have . If you want to book a guided tour, we recommend San Francisco Experience City Tours by Hornblower Classic Cable Cars, San Francisco City Highlights and Sausalito Tour by Grey Lines of San Francisco and the classic hop on hop off tours which you can book here. We do it all the time! Here is a detailed plan for couples planning a City Hall wedding! A dressed-up, statement look that represents you as a couple is the way to go. Wayfare Tavern is located at 558 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111. Even fewer that make images that are authentic, modern yet timeless, fresh, and full of life. San Francisco is SO BEAUTIFUL and a great place to get married in San Francisco. Peruvian cuisine is heavily influenced by the variety of ethnic backgrounds found throughout Peru so expert a diverse selection of delicious Peruvian-inspired food. Not sure what to do after your glam City Hall wedding ceremony and photoshoot? Rentals are available for private events 7 days a week through all service windows. City Hall offers eveningand two-hour weddings, which aren't as popular as one-hour weddings. The ceremony is short about 3 4 minutes, with a check-in process immediately prior that takes anything up to 30 minutes. Private rental options include the intimate Pearl Room for 10-14 seated guests, with a range of spaces up to an entire restaurant buyout for 250 guests. Since 2008, EPIC Steak has specialized in casual elegance with bayside views and delicious cuisine, thoughtfully prepared. These weddings are, as the name states, an hour long. After all, there is a reason that tourists flock here. Alternatively, you can go out and have breakfast in town at one of the cozy nearby eateries. The later it is, the more opportunity for natural light to enter the building. This is likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a City Hall wedding. Your number will be called in the order you arrive, and you will be instructed to go upstairs to the Rotunda. This type of wedding is called a civil ceremony, also known as a public ceremony. If you would like tips on how to make your Civil Ceremony more special, check out my tips listed below. Rachel Levine October 14, 2022. A South of France Brasserie atmosphere in an elegant dining room and bar, with Belle Epoque cafe defined in the front of the house by French rattan caf chairs, copper top tables, mosaic checkerboard tile floor, pressed tin ceiling, period art and original Absinthe posters. Guests will be seated on the 1st Floor. We first met Zoe in person for our engagement shoot in the SF Botanical garden. They offer signature cocktails and local draught beer. They can host a larger standing party or a smaller sitting one (with stunning table settings if you want!) Then its time to wait! Theres a happy medium between traditional Chinese dishes and new chef-innovated creations. ), and lots of delicious food. First, well say this: Whatever date and time you pick are going to be perfect. They all love and welcome all City Hall wedding groups. The 3rd-Floor at San Francisco City Hall boasts some of the best photoshoot locations in this iconic building. No matter what your reason is for choosing a courthouse wedding in San Francisco, you will need to plan the day out ahead of time. There are no doovers and little that can be done if you end up disappointed with your experience or finished photos.

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