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ghost rider vs scarlet witch

Continue with Recommended Cookies. He's eliminated the children of Scarlet Witch and the Vision as they were . Show me the Ghost Rider or Spirit of Vengeance effecting the Omniverse like Wanda did. One of the best reasons to argue that Ghost Rider will defeat Scarlet Witch is because Scarlet Witch is a human. knowing this the writers would have GR ride in and one chain hit to put her down and one chain hit to keep her down. She can kill anyone with her reality Warping, even if she silenced Black Bolt in the Multiverse of Madness in a fight. But wasn't the spirit of vengence made by "god' (possible TOAA)? He's nothing @King-Stranglehold da first: And yet the Spirit of Vengeance have beaten Mephisto, Nightmare, Blackheart, Null the Living Darkness, Dr. She does everything on her own. Do tell us in the comment section. As far as I know, scarlet witches powers are not godly in any way, shape, or form. Scarlet Witch VS Ghost Rider #shorts #viral #mcu#edits #marvel #ghostrider #wanda #scarletwitch #marveledits #mcuedit #mcuedits #ghostrideredit antman, wa. We have not seen any Ghost Riders display any omnipotent type power. Unfortunately, due to AOS having a terrible budget and him having no real competition his high ends are too few and far between. login to vote. Looks like many of these posts were before Robbie's best showing: against AIDA. Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Highsc. They then hear a man on a hidden speaker say "Fight for my amusement, whoever wins may leave" They then hear a bell ring and start to fight. Wanda freaking recreating millions of reality's!!!!! Ghost Rider can breathe Hell Fire on his enemies. She fell off the edge and went berserk several times. Yeah I'd say this is a case of overhype (for the time being, only time and more episodes can tell). Is Scarlet Witch the Strongest Avenger? As Ghost Rider, he is resistant to fire and seemingly no flames are capable of burning either him or his clothing. @King-Stranglehold da first: so You resort to name calling and blatant ignore the facts that Zadkiel with the power of Juedeo Christain God who created all Creation couldn't unmake them as proof this is spite? You said one of your post that Zadkiel had the powers of Judo-Christian God. Again Wanda wins by erases Ghost Rider from reality with mere words. I would bet on Ghost Rider winning as long as Wanda doesn't have info by him just tanking what she throws at him as he terminator walks towards her and then punching through her shields and killing her with his chain when he gets close enough. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Ghost Rider and the Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight? But in a sense, shes dead, with mental health problems. From matter manipulation to unlimited probability altering, Maximoff can essentially reshape the world to her liking. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Whoa Ignorant or to lazy to read the Scans on the First and Second page I provided here? If the Darkhold has knowledge on the Spirit of Vengeance and the Penance Stare, Wanda wins. Yet he could not Umake the Spirits of Vengeance at all. DCs Upcoming SuperHero Flick Of 2023!! Also a poster already said Wanda unleash a wave that spread throughout the ominverse. Thats why only weapons forged in Heaven itself can actually hurt the Ghost Rider. The Penance Stare wins by a mile. So can someone tell me if she could beat ghost rider? Lets break down the characters and their respective characteristics. @anthp2000:I mean prime Vision is a high tier and I think he'd beat Robbie, as would Hulk possibly, but how are any of the others beating him? The Spirit of Vengeance is practically immortal and cant be harmed without a weapon forged in heaven. If that was the case than why didn't he just recreate all of the Marvel Universe in his fitting? So, this could be a reason for Ghost Rider winning the match. Ghost Rider has demonic powers and derives unlimited powers from the cosmos. The Witch whose sword is sieging? Black Heart? Why not. Scarlet Witch has the most powerful attack! Ghost Rider can kill any person with his eyes. As seen here Against Null the Living Void (a Abstract being pretty much in itself) could not harm Zarathos. Easy! I get the feeling we're gonna see GR vs the scottsmen's Robot chick by the end of this season, I have a feeling it's all gonna be given a science based explanation in the show. 5. Scarlet Witch movie. Though Wanda has enhanced human abilities and strengths, she is still a mere mortal human. Her Chaos Wave was also considered a threat to the TOAA! On the other hand, Ghost Rider is not a human entity at all. Between Zarathos and Nobel Kale the GRs has beaten Nightmare, Blackheart (as a Helllord), Mephisto (in a way), Satan, Azmodeus (Another Helllord), Lucifer, and Null the Living Void. Un fuerte rumor asegura que en 'Doctor Strange en el multiverso de la locura' haba una escena de Scarlet Witch contra Ghost Rider, pero no lleg al cine. But if things were to change (hypothetically) in the multiverse, how would a Ghost Rider vs Scarlet Witch battle end? Or is he being overhyped already? As seen here.. Well the same Dr. S fell way short of Zarathos. She was holding explosions with her shields and blasted Vision through what seemed like a 12 story building. this is spite. The Spirit of God exists and he just can inhabit another host. Being the demonic spirit of vengeance certainly comes with many oomph factors for Marvels Ghost Rider. Then she gets a hold of herself, only to realize what she had done, being remorseful and depressed, and then fall off the edge again Wandas psyche makes her vulnerable the most. Mephisto would periodically bond Zarathos to a mortal as a parody of the Spirits of Vengeance. The Demon Zarathos is known to comic fans as the source of Ghost Rider's power. Lukas expertise lies in all branches o Ghost Rider vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight? Looked like the GRs had it well in hand anyway. If Ghost Rider uses the Penance Stare on her, Wandas fragile mind will fall in fear, despair, and tears. Spawn killed litteral Satan and litteral god. Even though the hosts die, they can be the host and continue to fight. From what I think, the only avenger that can beat a full power ghost rider is thor. At the height of her powers, Scarlet Witch created an alternate reality, nearly wiped out all of Mutantkind . Thanks for the scans again. SHDb. Blaze can do wonders with it. No because you people are lying or are just ignorant about what you're posting. And its a most dangerous weapon, Penance Stare, i.e. I would like to see the scientists of shield to try and cure May, and then fail miserably. As powerful as Scarlet Witch is, she has no such weapon. Shes just got better feats than he does at this point. All rights reserved. Oh, I am not so convinced. However, Thanos could beat Ghost Rider due to a number of possibilities. As for hax abilities, His hell fire is capable of burning aida's powerful body and on top of that, she couldn't heal from the burn when she has a healing factor. You see, Spirits of Vengeance do gods work, punishing those who deserve it. Where the heck did you get that garbage? When Doom later took over the Life Force, he said he was more powerful than when he had the Beyonder's powers. Null at that time was near unbeatable and still showed Transmutative powers as well shrinking Zarathos who then simply Unshrinked himself. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Ghost Rider vs Thanos: Who Would Win and Why? #marvel #thor #ironman #spiderman #captainamerica #scarletwitch #ghostrider During the height of the Great War, there emerged a new entity created by God to protect the innocent lives of humans. Regarding the Scarlet Witch, the most powerful version is probably the one with the Life Force (which is what made her so powerful during HoM). SHOW ME GHOST RIDER OR SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE DISPLAYING THAT TYPE OF POWER! Even after Wanda read the Darkhold the number of spells she learned makes Scarlet Witch look as versatile as anyone. @zaggran: @achievedhero: She couldnt heal from the burn because their powers come from similar sources not cause hes that OP. He even tried to shrink GR and GR simply unshrinked himself like nothing. also Name calling is against the rules and not very nice. Now lets talk about whether Scarlet Witch can beat Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider, even more so than Gorr himself, is the spirit of vengeance. Find The Answer Here! Where Was Secret Invasion Filmed? # 1. I appreciate you visiting our website, where you can get information about breaking news. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, I'm the site's author. So it's a perfectly fine showing for the normal Ghost Rider but I wouldn't use it to compare Zarathos and Null's relative power levels. I haven't watched Wandavision yet, but considering the movies i think this is a toss up, GR is extremely durable to any kind of damage, he was able to resist radioactive plutonium and quantum energy fields, so i guess he can resist anything Wanda cast on him. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessis now playing in theaters worldwide. AIDA had the Inhuman abilities. That said, many fans might be feeling a little conflicted right now. Through plot shenanigans she acquired pretty much every Inhuman power we'd seen on the show and many more. Also what Proves Zarathos > Mephisto is the fact Mephisto had to weaken Zarathos in the 70s/80s Comics to battle him. With a character like the Ghost Rider, I dunno if it can be. Marvels Lucifer is extremely weak and never did anything. 3.Decimate Earth???? On the contrary, if it was Wanda vs Ghost Rider, I believe the latter would have won this fight in the snap of a finger. SCARLET WITCH!!!! It can give Wanda an unbelievable power, but despite it, it doesnt really change her physiology. The Queen Of Chaos And Dark World! Scarlet Witch can stop or manipulate Ghost Rider for some time only. It's obviously not regular fire. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); If it's a DC movie or a Marvel flick, Arush gets excited to hear the news and does his research beforehand! One cannot harmed without the weapon forged in heaven. That was a limited Null, partially through the body of the human he was hosted in, but also in terms of its own evolution; he simply wasn't that powerful yet. This is obviously made by someone who hasnt seen what ghost rider can do. One of the best reasons to argue that Ghost Rider will defeat Scarlet Witch is because Scarlet Witch is a human. Audiences witnessed Scarlet Witch's fall from grace as she hunted down America Chavez to gain America's powersomething that would have killed the newcomer, which Wanda clearly didn't care about. However, Ghost Rider has a lot of advantages that Scarlet Witch cant simply overcome, and he loves it more oh-doing than not. Where was LT when a couple of Bad Celestials tried to destroy 616 Universe? Scarlet Witch is so powerful that she can essentially do anything she wishes to. Who would win, and who would be sent to the depths of hell? Scarlet witch. On the other hand, the Spirits Penance Stare could certainly do a number on Wanda. I might quibble a little about the 80s but it's not worth getting into. Its only more powerful, if you were remorsed or sorrowful already. ". A Spirit of Vengeance is a demon that takes a host body to become the Ghost Rider. Beings who are immortal omnipresent omnipotent omnicieient etc. Please do. Scarlet Witch has the most powerful attack! Fits with the "many realities" thing from Doctor Strange. What was the context with GR and Null the Living Darkness? She is more vulnerable than Ghost Rider, meaning her mortality is another point for the spirit of the war. Took a Punch From The Hulk To The Face. Come on now.. 4. However, in a normal one-on-one fight especially one that goes to death Ghost Rider would be the one left standing at least 7/10 times. I haven't really read the comics, but from what I've seen people say, scarlet witch could beat the ghost rider since she controls reality. She made her self forget what happened during House of M and forget the powers she had! While the Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, her greatest weakness proves even Spider-Man can beat her. Mephisto and Uriel both have Power enough to decimate Earth many times over. If Wanda Gets Stomped / (MCU) Vision Will Help. MCU Ghost Rider is being seriously lowballed in this forum. Yet Zarathos embarrassed Dr. S easy. As discussed above, Wanda has physical and emotional constraints due to her human instincts and physicalities. Scarlet Witch might be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but when you think of it, mortality has been one of Wandas greatest weaknesses. Her magic skills make it very difficult to harm Scarlet Witch, but she could be hurt and even killed. What Powers Does Ghost Rider Possess? He even made his car heat up at will, burning the hand of a thug that put his hand on it. Again Wanda erases Ghost Rider from reality with mere words. He ripped right through it. Why don't you read your own scans! if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'viebly_com-banner-1','ezslot_17',612,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-viebly_com-banner-1-0'); He can be killed only by a supreme weapon that is forged in heaven. He just simply rather insult and interpret his own views of scans. Redmi and Xiaomis new Smart TV with 144Hz 4K, Upcoming Games of 2023: Prepare to Level Up, Welcome to Paradise: The Ultimate Guide to Dead Island 2, Minecraft Legends: Success Strategies for Surviving and Thriving, Samsung Smart Monitor 2023 series is released, OnePlus 10T price and specifications are out. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Zarathos always been stronger. She can just incapacitate him with her telekinesis, and he isn't strong enough to escape. Scarlet Witch is the most popular of all categories. The two are almost impossible to defeat (and not as easy as beating themselves). So that scan is already dismissed. Scarlet Witch may be a worlds most powerful being, but it turns out mortality is the biggest weakness of Wanda. @King-Stranglehold da first: Where did I say Zadkiel was OAA in power? Blaze can do everything. The just-previous version of Null was defeated by Gargoyle using his bio-mystical blasts, for instance. This new entity was the Angel of Justice, otherwis. Wanda was toying with Eternity like he was nothing. He is able to imbue a metal object he touches with fire, using the object as a melee weapon, which he has done to objects such as pipes, tools, car parts, and even chains. His attacks are so powerful that the hulk feel pain when theyre impacted by Hellfire. Strongest version of Ghost Rider is cosmic ghost rider who'd spite stomp. cookie clicker steam tips, icemunmun custom food interactions, is glenn close related to dina merrill,

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