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Thank you so much for making time on day 100. Electronic Registration Information Center. Someone in the same category of the dust bin of history, you will also find the original iteration back in 1999 of something called the iSmell. Dubbed kinematic artifact detection technology and invented by self-proclaimed treasure hunter Jovan Pulitzer, this practice not only has no scientific Why am I in this barn? And it came from the southeast part of the world, Asia, OK? FM?;=^3xH6R;B What They Are Hiding In Maricopa PART 1 Understanding Kinematic Artifact Detection is KEY and SEE why the system is so afraid of the truth about our Stay safe. He thought the dye that kind might have been mixed with a caustic chemical. Kinematic Artifact Detection 2020 Election | AZAudit | ballot manipulation | counterfeit ballots | Election Fraud | Evidence | Forensic Analysis | JovanHuttonPulitzer | Kinematic Artifact Detection | PKAD Heres Evidence from Maricopa No One Would Look At By Boss October 24, 2022 Those are all flat out lies. This is why the kinematic artifacts detection is so important. RECORDING Podcast - M aricopa County Broad of Supervisors (BOS) has continually fabricated responses, half-truths, and outright deception when providing answers regarding the 2020 Senate Audit of the General Election Ballots in Maricopa County Arizona. What could they be looking for? and transmitted securely. 2015 Jul 16;48(10):2124-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2015.02.050. This is the animating concern for the former president and for the Trump wing of Republican politics right now. So when John Kennedy was murdered on the 22nd of November, 1963, there were a lot of black Americans and a lot of righteous other Americans who were very worried that Johnson would be a deal maker and that unlike Kennedy, he would come in and he might gut Kennedy`s bill, especially because Johnson wanted to run for election himself as president in 1964. But the broad message is we have got to demonstrate that democracy, despite its fractiousness and its complexity, can still deliver for the people. Here he was back in February. This time he said it, quote, hurt like hell. Before Really? We did. What does he have to do with elections? The process is called Kinematic Artifact detection. And still an astonishing number of questions about who is counting our ballots (besides Stop the Steal organizer Anthony Kern,that is). Here`s the "Arizona Republic" explaining. The truth shall be revealed !! It was of course scary at the time. , Read More Chronology of Packing Pallets,Boxes,Batches,Ballots Maricopa County Audit 2020Continue, Provided FREE especially for those who claim there is no report, or that its all behind a paywall or that these are frauds so folks will just subscribe and pay. MADDOW: In 2017, Russia`s most vocal, most effective critic of the Putin regime, Alexei Navalny, was opening up new headquarters for his opposition movement when somebody approached him to shake his hand. Obviously, there`s the issue of whether or not the filibuster exists. Seth Keshel whose predictions in the 2016 election cast him in the role of making prognostications about the 2020 one as well, and his data is pretty convincing that certain localities experienced anomalies that could only be explained by massive, Read More Keshel Ratings and Piton RatingsContinue, Ive got tons of data visualizations Ive downloaded and opened on my drive here. Thank you Jovan for your continuous fight, all people who care about this country are tuned in and standing with you. MADDOW: Well, on that front, I know that one of the things that you`ve been working on and a lot of people in Congress have been working on as well as the administration is the idea of police reform. Anyone can watch the process of the audit at and follow discussion on Telegram Channels for AZAudit. Ive been monitoring cameras every single day, reporting regularly, and so have many, many others. We are their eyes in the sky. Come back whenever you have stuff to tell us. MADDOW: -- that sort of margin you`re giving. 2005 Feb;21(2):212-25. doi: 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2004.05.002. Also, "Lost Treasures" you can find in the state of Pennsylvania. And today, the same families that I met with met with Senator Scott and Senator Lindsey Graham. To summarize, he just laid the ground work, and explained what will be in the first 3 volumes of his work. Tonight, the news here is that Arizona`s secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, she was our guest here earlier this week, expressing grave concern about what is being done to the ballots and the election results in Arizona, the big news tonight is that her office has just been granted permission by the court to send in real elections observers, actually elections experts to figure out what they are doing in that arena in Phoenix to go and watch what they`re doing. He said he could use his green face to raise more money for his organization. RICE: It absolutely is, because we`re only as strong abroad as we are at home. But nevertheless, this started as a QAnon conspiracy theory after President Trump lost the election. We`re also going to be joined in a couple minutes by President Biden`s top domestic policy adviser. WebFEEL FREE TO POST ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA - Kinematic Artifact Detection is the ONLY platform that allows us to recreate what the voting machines did but relie Platform that allows recreating what the voting machines did but relies only on the ballot paper They turned in a document that from its metadata appears to have been created after their so-called professional audit was already under way. It was shaped like a cat. It`s a kinematic artifact detection process. Thank you for being here tonight. Be well. MICHAEL BESCHLOSS, NBC NEWS PRESIDENTIAL HISTORIAN: Oh, I think it`s a great parallel, and you know, here`s a case, LBJ ran for the Senate in 1948, gave white supremacist speeches in the late 1950s when there was a civil rights bill in Congress basically the first major one to pass since the time of Reconstruction. WebMY Kinematic Artifact FINDINGS broken down point-by-point Tomorrow - YOU who subscribe to me here on LOCALS will get the very first point by point breakdown of the findings of #KinematicArtifactDetectionEXCLUSIVE FIRST 100% COMPLETE LOOK for Local.comsubscribers first That sounds scientific. Delete comment Block this user. Only the skew-symmetric component propagates as an error to the joint variables, whereas the deformation component is filtered in the kinematic analysis process. Been getting bits of info regularly from CodeMonkeyZ, too. Find him on Telegram. WebThis Kinematic Artifact Detection Report is presented here in step-by-step progression starting with the top of the ballot. Mark my words. We have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works, and we can deliver for our people. I don`t know, but the Arizona Senate Republicans are using his technology to try to show that Donald Trump is still president. He also created Medicare and Medicaid. A model of the soft tissue artefact rigid component. They described how they don`t sleep at night because they can`t sleep, because they`re fearful, because they`re anxious, because their loss is so immense. RICE: Well, let`s talk about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, because there, I think, there is at least a fighting chance for a bipartisan outcome. But on many of those hall of fame lists, there`s one item that stands out to this day, because it was so stupid and so pointless, but also because it was memorable looking. Johnson was there to water it down because he wanted to please a lot of the conservatives in his caucus and in Texas. But of the boxes of ballots turned over, only 52 were properly sealed with security tape. His real big innovation was the shaped like a cat part. I`m pretty sure if there`s nothing there, they`re going to say they found something. It was a scanner shaped like a cat, and they did not call it the Cat scan. CueCat has been named over the years one of the 25 worst tech products ever. And whether or not things can be passed through budget reconciliation, right, with just 50 Democratic votes even if no Republicans side with it. One that could garner 60 votes in the Senate. 2005 Mar;20(3):320-9 It has become famous in the same way that like covfefe is famous, as in what the heck was that. Monday, June 27th, 2022 in Maricopa County, Arizona - various lawmakers are hosting Jovan Hutton Pulitzer for the presentation of the findings derived from the The Kremlin is scrubbing the main opposition leader in that country, scrubbing Alexei Navalny out of Russian politics, literally. Or maybe shell raid a Sharpie plant to see if they are secretly manufacturing special pens that spoil Republican ballots. This was Microsoft Bob. Microsoft Bob would then appear as a giant face on your screen, and in order to get started doing your work or your homework or whatever, you would have to knock on the door of Microsoft Bob`s house, click on the knocker. You get a gigantic list of things you`re allowed to do. And it is heartbreaking to hear their stories. Well, here`s the lead in the front-page A-1 story in "The Washington Post" tonight. He was a relatively conservative Democratic vice president to the liberal firebrand JFK, right? She has not done many interviews since taking on that gargantuan job, but we have her here tonight live, very much looking forward to that given the scale and the ambition of the domestic policy plans the president laid out last night, and her role running that stuff. WebArtifact Detection. Copy link. Or that if China's Xi Jinpingreally was printing Biden ballots in his basement, he'd be smart enough to forgo the bamboo. Can you tell us a little bit about that today and whether you think that goal is doable? But after the disappointing performance of the CueCat in the marketplace, the gentleman who invented it, who invented the shaped like a cat part of it, he changed his name, which is an unusual thing in business development circles. Not the world`s most momentous thing, but it`s going to give like an average of a $3,000 annual raise to 390,000 Americans. The former president, twice impeached, twice impeached, ousted after one term, now under scrutiny in multiple criminal investigations, whose first personal lawyer already went to prison for a felony that the Justice Department said the president was implicated in, and whose second personal lawyer had his home and office raided by the Justice Department yesterday. official website and that any information you provide is encrypted He wanted to see civilian doctors. It was harder to marginalize Roosevelt as a radical, and I think if you looked at Joe Biden last night, he does not look and sound like someone who is threatening. , Read More Waiting for Full Forensic Audit Report, June 27, 6PM West Coast TimeContinue, Now Ive been following this whole audit story for so long, sometimes I just get enraged at things I didnt know about back when I was monitoring the cameras, watching the volunteers do such an incredible, huge, terrific job for the American people. The processor detects kinematic artifacts on the paper document and determines that the paper document is fraudulent based on the detected kinematic artifacts. Next, I expect to hear that she has dispatched a team to Korea,in search of aKorean Air planethat secretly landed at Sky Harbor on Nov. 7, supposedly hauling fake Biden ballots that were thensmuggledintoMaricopa County's ballot tabulation center. Great! Volume 1- The science behind Kinematic Artifact Detection. Would you like email updates of new search results? Well, now, the inventor of the CueCat, this man, a photo of him, the man in this picture who is on the left, obviously, not the man on the right. All rights reserved. Michael, it`s been too long. The public is allowed to attend but seating is limited. WebCompany. Filter by. It`s almost like Franklin Roosevelt in one respect. Disclaimer. And so Joe Biden needs to stop pretending and go home to Delaware. Slate reportsthe Chinesebamboo-in-the-ballots theory was likely concocted by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. They are doing this right now in Arizona. The data, the evidence exists, and he is delivering, Read More The AZAudit Forensic Report No.1, Because There is MoreContinue, Seems that it was after this little tidbit that the kitchen fire occurred. As absurd as it is, it is the center of what they`re trying to do in American politics right now. Navalny was poisoned with a Russian made chemical nerve agent called Novichok last year. MeSH Ill be watching every moment. 8600 Rockville Pike The results show that the cluster deformation is very small with respect to the rigid component. In an interview, he then added, quote, the best understanding I have is they`re looking for watermarks or anything that might appear under the UV light that they wouldn`t see without it. qh3 We have scalable manufacturing processes for lyo beads, lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic devices, LFA devices, and more. You see the guy with the little blue light there on the left? Leardini A, Chiari L, Della Croce U, Cappozzo A. Gait Posture. Artifact activity is defined as components of the recorded signal that are not of cerebral origin. To a greater or lesser extent, this activity may be present with any recording modality, although their nature may differ. Artifacts can be either generated from external or internal factors. It`s actually a whole new detailed policy on the rights of transgender Americans. If the metadata is what it appears to be, this means they didn`t even create their policies and procedures that they disclosed to the court today until after they had already started doing this supposed professional recount and audit. The technology of conducting a Kinematic based audit is based on utilizing computer vision was created by scan commerce , scan connect, and He told a Georgia state Senate panel in December that he has developed new scanner technology that will detect forged ballots by looking at folds and markings and such. But they have a backup plan. America`s adversaries, the autocrats of the world, are betting we can`t. I think he actually has one of these for every state. So they`re counting the ballots, but then separately, they`re checking for folds, quote, they`re taking these ballots and looking for folds in the ballots, with the assumption that all early ballots have folds in them. This just in: A crack team of Arizonas Senate auditors are scouring the southwestern United States in search of a panda bear last seen smuggling Biden ballots into Maricopa County HQ on election night. Brakeysays he doesnt believe the latest conspiracy theory, but this is part of the mystery that we want to un-gaslight people about., And so amateur sleuths in this official state auditare now using UV lights and 5K cameras to check for bamboo.. I care deeply about domestic issues. You need to formulate ideas and pressure-test them, and when decisions get made to ensure that everybody is aligned to implement them. Wearable DVD players. But the reality is that the way you make domestic policy is not very different than the way you make national security policy. Today they announced they`d be shutting down their entire network of offices all over Russia. Finally, a simple technique is proposed for analyzing the sources of variability to determine which part of the artifact may be modeled as an effect of the motion, and which part is due to other sources. ARIZONA AUDIT - KINEMATIC ARTIFACT DETECTION ANALYSIS to be presented publicly to AZ Lawmakers - YOU CAN ATTEND! I`m not holding my breath, but I`m also not pessimistic, I think there`s a chance. I didn`t get much further than the cover of that one. Last month, he embarked on a hunger strike in prison until he was granted access to doctors because he was starting to lose feelings in his legs and hands. Ambassador Rice, it`s really nice to see you tonight. A reporter observed Tuesday that after the ballots were counted, they went to an inspection table with three people. They`re part of several teams that are part of a paper evaluation. He started losing vision. There are accusations that 40,000 ballots were flown into Arizona and it was stuffed into the box, John Brakey told CBS5 News/3TVs Dennis Welch on Tuesday. Ken Bennett, Arizona`s former secretary of state, who has been hired to be a spokesperson, confirmed Mr. Pulitzer`s involvement, although he said he`s unsure whether Pulitzer himself will be involved or whether the audit team will only be using his technology, which Pulitzer claims can detect fraudulent ballots. Think about that for a second. How are they coping? . Great to see that you are trying to bring along the rest of the people to the facts behind the work.

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