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Because of their tremendous damage output, high skill cap, potent effects, and abilities, DPS Classes are popular among players in this metagame. You wont see them absolutely dominating everyone around them but in the right hands can still be formidable. In caster-cleave teams, where we can synergize our damage with our partner in a combo and frequently kill players during Shadowfurys two-second stun, we shine due to our incredible damage and control. Generally, the only strategy that Blood Death Knights have is to prolong fights as a tank class. Still, Deep Freeze represents the most significant innovation, providing Mages with a genuine, on-demand stun ability. Outside of that window, though, they're largely sitting ducks. One of the biggest issues with Rogue/Mage is Death Knights, which can single-handedly shut this team down. The only downside is that they dont have a good way to escape melee or physical slows. It is truly a roller-coaster of a spec. Aside from the lack of S-tier competitions, our 2v2 and 3v3 brackets have some extreme events. Healer rankings page if you are interested in learning more about your arenas. Given the right support and good knowledge of their classes strengths and weakness they still have some good potential. 1. Mage 3v3 Comps. The dust has cleared after some nerf and a significant talent redesign. This list will be kept New Encrypted WoW Classic Era Patch 1.15 Appears on WoW Dev 2 CDN, BlizzCon 2023 Update by Blizzard President Mike Ybarra, Blackwing Lair Hardcore (One Life) Cleared in Classic, Wrath Classic Feral Druid Tuning: April 10th, Wrath Classic Feral Druid Adjustments Coming Soon: April 3rd, A Misunderstanding May Have Been the Cause of Activision Blizzard Games Not Being Available in China, Chinese Realm "Region Unavailable" Messages Appeared for EU Players. so I decided to make a tier list w/ no knowledge whatsoeverIf you enjoyed the video don't forget to like, subscribe, & share with a friend to help the channe. They do however fall short of other healers due to a lack of bigger cooldowns. Blink is the bane Feral's biggest Shadow in particular will have severe Mana problems early in the expansion, which is one of its main limiting factor until PvE trinkets like Solace of the Defeated can help mitigate this issue. How to use the free server transfer in WotLK, Warrior (Arms), Shaman (Elemental), Warlock (Affliction), Warlock (Destro), Mage (Frost), Death Knight (Unholy), Paladin (Retribution), Priest (Shadow), Rogue (Subtlety), Hunter (Marksman), Paladin (Ret/Proc), Druid (Feral), Death Knight (Frost), Shaman (Enhancement), Warrior (Prot), Hunter (Beastmaster), Druid (Balance), Paladin (Protection), Warrior (Fury), Mage (Arcane), Rogue (Combat), Rogue (Assassin), Death Knight (Blood), Warlock (Demonology), Mage (Fire). While Resto Shaman is the only healer in this tier, it still doesn't make it bad. shine throughout the expansion. Youve thoroughly read it. Non-Undead Shadow Priests benefit significantly from expanding Devouring Plagues availability to all Priests. Elemental Shamans have gone from being overpowering to somewhat weak throughout their existence. even if the healer is being pressured or controlled. Warriors are the antithesis of Their biggest obstacle is zoning with classes like Hunters, Mages, Druids and even Death Knights being a huge problem due to their ability to simply apply a slow and kite away. Still, they have potential if given the resources and guidance necessary to develop their talents and overcome their classes weaknesses. Outside of the burst windows with wings up, Retribution is a more defensive, The Protection Warrior specialization is one of the more unusual, and its not easy to rank it. given Ferals a ton of damage, cementing their identity as the only melee with a DoT-based page. unique play styles based on what specialization you choose. Powerful DPS classes that provide a lot of damage and utility but fall short of the maximum possible damage output are reflected in the A-Tier. playstyle. This arena team comp tier list does the job as it features necessary information, such as the strengths and weaknesses of all the recommended tier lists. Their high mobility combined with significant burst damage and a ranged MS effect give them a deserved spot in any BG roster.World PvP 4/5Hunters are actually quite good in World PvP, and might do slightly better than in Duels. Though they can get easy kills with their burst combos, it was often the element of surprise that was the cause - something experienced players were immune to. This makes DKs an execution test in any duelling setting as they can gradually rotate through their multiple defensive options, while challenging virtually every class with their offensive power. Related: WoW Classic Servers Experience Boost Announced. Everyone who claims to be a fan of the genre should read the list. abilities' cooldowns, which enables them to set up kills with even only moderate The C-Tier consists of the lowest quality classes. The simple fact of the matter is that Demonlogy Warlocks forfeit a lot of what makes their other two specs so good in PVP. Wrath has increased Warrior's own toolkit for Being a Paladin they bring numerous support abilities as well. The main metrics that we use to rank each class are based upon 3 factors: The table below shows an at-a-glance view of all 30 specializations and where they rank against each other in Wrath Classic. The shaman may build up stacks of this just by auto-attacking, and it can be used to perform spells instantly on occasion. MM Hunters have incredible opportunities for burst damage, crowd control, and defensive capabilities. Warlocks in their play style, but provide less utility in favor of more As a result, it will be placed in the S tier. Its important to note that each specialization within a class has access to a number of the same abilities. Together with the muteness provided by Gag Order and the enhanced mobility provided by Warbringer, this group is unstoppable. The sheath of Light, The Art of War, and Sacred Shield provide fantastic spot-healing assistance. Inexperienced Warriors can be easily countered by Mages and They have favorable matchups against every other class in 1v1 with the exception of Rogue, who will be their toughest fight in the early stages of the expansion. Even though Ele is superior in arena, its just too slow to work effectively in highly explosive Duels, which is exactly where Enh thrives. In Wrath specifically, spell cleaves are known to be good throughout the entire expansion, eventually becoming the final . So, what are you waiting for? Without a pillar, however, Shadow struggles into the likes of Death Knights, Feral Druids, Hunters and even Warriors, all of which have ways to avoid getting feared.BGs 4/5When it comes to BGs, Disc is the preferred spec, as it is one of the best battleground healers. Duels 3/5Paladins are very well set up to score high here, but the one thing they need to succeed is uptime. Fury Warriors dont provide much of anything of value when compared to the other specializations. relative to everyone else when it comes to arena in Wrath. After two seasons of nerfing Unholy Death Knight, Blizzard eventually got the DK spec to a place where it was powerful without being broken. Arcane Mages have one strategy that only works if left completely alone with Missile Barrage and Arcane Missiles. Subtlety Rogue, Holy Paladin, Arms Warrior, Discipline Priest, Frost Mage, Marksmanship Hunter, Feral Druid, Affliction Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Restoration Druid, Unholy Death Knight, Shadow Priest, Retribution Paladin, Balance Druid, Destruction Warlock, Enhancement Shaman, Restoration Shaman, Fire Mage, Beast Mastery Hunter, Frost Death Knight, Assassination Rogue, Protection Warrior, Fury Warrior, Survival Hunter, Arcane Mage, Protection Paladin, Blood Death Knight, Combat Rogue, Demonology Warlock, Holy Priest. There are And this is all added on top of their ability to simply escape the fight when needed. Combining this class with a high damage class can produce some effective results. Unlike its sister specs, BM is fairly one-dimensional. Thus, it will be placed in the B tier of the Wotlk PVP Tier List. Stay up to date with all the latest news with Wowhead News Notifications! of its brackets, consult our guides below. Because of this, we can only play in a small subset of comps. Luckily, there are quite a few that do well in both forms of content, giving you quite a lot of options to choose from. They're able to excel in the right hands due to their rarity in higher tiers, but anyone who doesn't put in the work to understand what they're going up against will regularly find themselves struggling to decide their next move. Crazy survivability, fun charges, Disarm, and Spell Reflect all come together to make the Protection Warrior a blast. How the Specs Are Ranked Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Affliction Warlock (S-Tier) Unholy Death Knight (S-Tier) As a result, they made their way to the S-tier. Quick Links WotLK Classic: PvP Criteria WotLK Classic: PvP Specialisation DPS Rankings WotLK Classic: PvP Specialisation Healer Rankings Including World PvP, 1v1, Duels, Battlegrounds, 2v. games are either shorter or it is harder for the pet to be killed if facing Some excellent new additions in Wrath have given them more CC options, better mobility, They can also provide disarm with Chimera Shot which is particularly helpful against Arms Warriors. They will be a very welcome addition to any other class in the game and some notable compositions are: Ele. Sub. for being a melee cleave that just jumps in head first and brutalizes enemies until they die. Therefore we are restricted in who we may recruit as team members. Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP 2v2 arena team comp tier list! Enh. In addition to live WoW, he has also Our Unholy brethren are still performing relatively well. WotLK Tier List / DPS Rankings Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King DPS tier list! With Freedoms to break out of stuns, Hand of Protection, and Art of War heals, both the Ret Paladin and the Rogue are able to stick to their targets and do maximum damage. The ability to spirit walk lasts for 15 seconds and frees the shaman from any roots or slows that might prevent them from moving. Rogues are the undisputed kings of PvP. ago. Its also worth noting that, as the game progresses and more important data on gear becomes available, certain classes will outperform others in terms of performance. That they havent been able to beat out other DPS classes in their tier, on the other hand, is a negative indicator. utility-based version of a Warrior, where They also have access to good defensive capabilities in Bear Form and Survival Instincts. Holy Paladins in particular make great use of these as a phenomenal support class. Were mighty early on when people have lower resilience amounts. An Interesting Article: TFT Meta Tier List. They do have access to moderate burst damage if they can get critical hits with Death Strike. following links: When sorting out the rankings for DPS in PvP, we are primarily concerned team and can create some solid pressure for any comp. Combined with Fingers of Frost, our Shatter combos are more potent by making our targets seem frozen at random. Read on if you want a quick rundown of the games features and, more crucially, why the game and its DPS classes are so great. The only strategy Combat Rogues have is trying to burst the target down within the duration of Killing Spree. Shadow Priests are similar to They are now the most significant spec at inflicting the healing decrease debuff. Does this class make good use of controlling or countering enemies? Download the client and get started. They could have even attempted to convince you to try their favorite video game series. Line-of-sight is another major issue, which can make it difficult to set up While we excel in various team competitions across all bracket sizes, our true strength is in the 3v3 bracket, where we routinely place first. Between solid sustained DPS, some very annoying pets, and proper damage-reducing defensive cooldowns, Unholy Death Knights are a disruptor to the PVP meta that can be very hard to counter. They provide good sustained damage and are able to support the team with healing from Maelstrom Weapon. Contribute In terms of the modifications they get from World of Warcraft's previous entries, the general performance, and the best comps. their top-tier caster support in PvE, but they bring all of that support and Once again, Ele is too slow to deal with highly volatile skirmishes due to the need to ramp up its damage a bit and hard cast, which isnt ideal for 1v2 ganks, whereas Enhance is just too weak without Wolves. You can learn about them in detail further in the article. However, your burst is lower, and your healing is more inadequate than the Retribution, making you worse with Silence. It is one of the few classes with multiple strong cooldowns, powerful offensive toolkit with things like Summon Gargoyle, generalized defensive toolkit with Anti-Magic Shell and Icebound Fortitude, and self-healing. Theyre tough to battle since they lack traditional strengths and weaknesses. updated as Wrath progresses, in order to always reflect the current meta healer Unstable Affliction is one of the few forms of dispel protection when Disc Priests or Paladins are on the enemy team, providing you with nice additional utility.World PvP 4/5Unlike some of the other classes on this list, Warlocks dont really rely on long defensive or offensive cooldowns and can do just fine as soon as Shadowfury or Death Coil are available. Many individuals had unpleasant recollections of Death Knights sudden surge to prominence after their first release in 2008 when they were far more potent than now. Once again circling back to the point of needing to have uptime on enemy targets, it is never guaranteed in open world where some classes can kite indefinitely. Arms Warriors are the best melee burst damage class at PvP, for both single target and cleave. Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PvP DPS tier list! bracket (2v2, Some good teammates are: BM Hunters are known for having high burst damage from their pet with Bestial Wrath. You can feel good bouncing one back as a Prot Warrior, but it's not going to be enough. A Month. They have less burst damage and less support healing. while bringing the least utility and control out of any Hunter spec. In Season 5 and 6, Disc Priests are a bit too squishy for this team to truly shine. If you are interested in other PvP rankings for Wrath of the Lich King, check the sustained damage. This guide has been written by Impakt, an Officer in BDGG, One of the only issues is the damage output of a Rogue is somewhat predictable, as most of the burst will take place on the 1 minute cooldown of Shadow Dance. Since youre living bombing everyone and all the dots, your Spicy Chicken Cleave (fire mage, Boomkin, healer) does endless dot damage. Psychic Horror adds another weapon to our extensive crowd-control armory. Continue reading for a more in-depth analysis of each specialization that includes other commonly seen group compositions that work well together. Their Similarly, Discipline Priests are a tad weak in Season 5, even after stacking as much Resilience as Deadly gear allows, a Disc Priest is still squishy. Keep in mind that even rows with a high level of subtlety still need time to prepare and vanish, giving them a total of two vanishes and shadow dances. So if you know what job you want to run in a dungeon or raid, check out the WotLK tank tier list, healer tier list, and DPS tier list as well. they have some incredible control spells to deal with anyone in range, primarily Fear. some of the most popular and most successful Arena comps. Against some team compositions, Hunter/Disc will also need to play a bit slower and "dampen" the enemy team by running them out of mana before a kill can actually happen. They can also use this for an instant cast Hex. Thunderclave (Ellie shaman, arms warrior, and a healer), commonly holy paladin because the H paladins mobility, infinite damage, and MS are all excellent comps for the Elementalist. Still, their increased mobility in Wrath makes them more challenging to manage. However, they are just mediocre; they do not possess the crushing power of the specs in the tiers above, and they sometimes have minor drawbacks that make playing them rather tricky. but with large Energy costs and positional requirements attached to them, bursting Nonetheless, they can cause a lot of problems for under prepared targets. A substantial upgrade in the fast-paced WotLK environment. Enhancement Shaman in Raids are a As long as you have pig or turtle poly ur Gucci. matches occur. Different players, even ones who love the same franchise, may have very different opinions on a games DPS classes. This makes them really good at keeping their teammates free of key debuffs, especially when utilizing the Haste buff from Borrowed Time, which can have insanely high uptime with multiple shield targets.World PvP 2/5Both specs, however, have Mana issues in random open world skirmishes. Contribute budget allocated to Resilience and PvP-oriented set bonuses. the name "Boomkins" in TBC because of their massive Starfire You can watch I consider myself a modern-day philosopher when it comes to useless things. You can find below a quick summary of the current PvP DPS coordination to properly set up and execute kills, but even then are highly Blizzard made significant changes to the spec in WotLK, intending to bring it up to par. Find out how each class and specialization rank against each other in PvP Wrath Classic. This comp does much damage overall since they dot up the whole team and then rot them. used to buy arena gear, which mirrors PvE gear in item level, but with some item Contribute Desecration is an area-of-effect slow on the ground that slows everybody in it who is an enemy by 50%. However, due to the random nature of these skills, it often fails against more experienced players. This team also has great crowd control potential with, While being a relatively straight forward and predictable comp, this team can really excel in the early season of Wrath, sometimes just deleting an enemy after popping. Moving on to Ranged, we have Beast Mastery Hunters. We need to streamline the requirements of the tier list. As a result, it will be placed in the C tier of the Wotlk PVP Tier List. Every spec is passively good thanks to Bloodlust and an infinite amount of utility provided by totems, but Elemental just happens to have one of the best team-wide buffs in Totem of Wrath that is added to some incredible AoE damage of the spec. The reason for this meteoric increase is straightforward: in WotLK, our class-defining PvP talent, Soul Link. Beacon of Light effectively doubles their healing. A few classes they pair well with are: Unholy Death Knights are the go-to specialization for PvP as they provide a number of unique benefits that are hard to counter. Enhancement shamans have solid DPS and plenty of support with their totems. If competitive arenas arent really your thing, there are a lot more PvP options out there for you to participate in. They also have access to the anti-magic zone, a powerful team defensive ability against spell cleaves that involves dropping a large purple bubble in the arena and having it absorb some or all of the damage to the stomach. Locks are known for bringing very high amounts of sustained damage via damage over time skills. MLD, two ticks, a bash, and roots give a Magellan druid incredible control. Druids are formidable healers with their healing over time skills, especially with Wild Growth. slower-paced game. decently well for 5v5 arena, but 2v2 and 3v3 are the significantly more popular Their practicality. You can find below a quick summary of the current PvP healer rankings: Holy Paladin (S-Tier) Discipline Priest (A-Tier) Restoration Druid (A-Tier) Restoration Shaman (B-Tier) Holy Priest (B-Tier) In order to further understand the reasoning behind these ranks, we would recommend you to read the rest of the page, as . On top of that, playing with Succubus translates to having more control in 1v2 skirmishes. Soul Link however, as now all Warlock specs can easily And Death Knights are quite popular in Wrath. However, just like with Affliction, they have low defense and can be taken out fairly easily if they are the target of focused damage. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/scwow Get the RATING You've Always Wanted: https://www.skill-capped.com/wrath/pricing/plans#wotlksolopvp SUBSCRI. They're just rely on risky plays too much to be consistant. Thanks to naturally high defense, the Feral Druid bear can really put the pressure on a team, charging in, slowing them to a crawl, soaking up the rage, and pinning opponents down long enough for the rest of the team to mop up. The addition of a slow-in Infected Wounds allows us to stay stuck to our targets for longer. Sacred Shield absorbs damage and improves with spell power which Holy Paladins have a lot of. However, just like in PvE there are some specializations that are much better equipped to handle certain situations in PvP than others. A long way from when it was a weird spec that players avoided at all costs owing to its incredibly irritating mana drain nature. Shockwave and Concussion Blow are only two of the many powerful stuns available to Protection Warriors. For this reason, you wont see many Fury Warriors out there. How many classes can they perform well with? They'll absolutely work at the lower tiers against others who aren't quite sure how to react to the opposing class, but don't expect to get far up the ladder with these. Particularly good melee DPS may zero in on you, preventing you from casting and eliminating you from the game. However, it lacks exceptional comps, and you wont do nearly as well in 3v3. Paladins, Protection Paladins prioritize defense. This huge Haste buff enables You Might be Interested:Overwatch 2 Tier List. High crowd control and high survivability, High crowd control and good survivability, Very high burst damage and great survivability, High Burst damage and good defense and healing, Very high crowd control and sustained damage, Great crowd control and good survivability, Very high sustained damage and good survivability, Very high burst damage and good survivability, Very high damage over time and good survivability, Very high burst damage and good sustained damage. They are very dangerous if left alone to cast Chaos Bolt and Conflagrate. It might be one of the strongest Ranged specs in Season 5 as players will have significantly less health and Resilience, making the damage of BM Hunters overtuned. This team also has two Plate wearing classes, making it extremely difficult for physical damage dealers to put pressure out, regardless of the high amount of healing and defensives the Paladin has. Feral Druids offer the They are very dangerous particularly against healers when combining Mortal Strike with Unrelenting Asssault. Its going to be a hard battle if you choose any of these specs. Prot. composition is incredibly important in Arena; playing a comp that utilizes your They also have access to the maelstrom weapon, another ability that dramatically increases their speed while casting spells. No matter the class youre playing though, if you want to gain a ton of rating stupidly fast in Wrath then you need to check out our premium courses. In Season 6, Paladins will be able to obtain, Mage/SPriest is one of the best teams queuing into Warrior/Holy Paladin, because of the high amount of spell damage, crowd control, silences, and interrupts. Their strength comes from stockpiling a lot of Armor Pen and then doing a lot of burst damage. There's just little room for error. One of the best seasons for Feral/Rogue will be Arena Season 5, where teams will have the fewest Resilience of any season. Invisibility makes it more difficult for our opponents to prepare for our openers. We get a small number of buffs. Its not ideal that youre not suffering as much damage as other casters but also not contributing much to damage yourself. Rogue's signature Stealth allows them to control matches It really is only effective on a team composition with Enhancement Shaman for class synergy and Holy Paladin for the best chance at survivability. Comps may be challenging since most individuals probably dont want to deal with the hassle. They give up some utility in comparison to the other Marksmanship Hunters for this one-dimensional strategy. While affliction locks are compatible with just about every other spec in the game, there are a few particularly potent comps they can r n. Since clone, polymorph, and fear have no DRs. However, we are especially vulnerable to having our concentration broken when interruptions prevent us from casting our most potent spells because of the cast times involved. skill ceilings in the game, and is one of the most popular melee to play in PvP. Even if Typhoon provides some protection, changing forms will likely be essential if they come under attack since so many of their abilities have already been deployed. The shows new star, Lava Burst, does jaw-dropping damage. the more points will be gained upon the weekly reset. Rogue are one of the only Sweeping Strikes is now available in the Arms tree, a massive help in 3v3 and for cleaving Warlock pets. PvP Healer Rankings Summary. be running scared and forced to play defensively. They also have a big damage mitigation skill with Dispersion. They also pair nicely with other higher burst damage classes such as: Where Destro. powerful DPS classes in PvP in terms of sustained output and durability. Paladins are more defensive Ret. BM is a bit more gimmicky and more or less auto wins into any caster thanks to Bestial Wrath. Shadowdance is their primary ability, giving them a significant edge when using their crowd control talents and arranging kills. Retribution's biggest problem is mobility, however, as their only WotLK PvP Criteria. Destruction Warlocks play almost exclusively with Succubus, who are able to quickly cast Seduction out of stealth, allowing Warlocks to prep damage with Immolate. Their flexibility is what earns them a high rank.World PvP 4/5Mages also hold their ground in World PvP. As a result, it will be assigned to the S tier of the Wotlk PVP Tier List.

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