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how to install basketball hoop on existing concrete

You can assemble the pole, extension arms and the backboard on ground, and then align the pole using the hinge mechanism. Choose Superior Play Systems for Your Basketball Hoop Installation, in-ground systems from PROformance Hoops, View PROformance Hoops Installation Guides & Owners Manuals Here, experience and expertise of the professionals. The installers will need to dig a hole up to 4 feet deep and 2 feet wide. Anything greater than that could cause shaking because the weight of the backboard would The cost of painting the game lines on the tiles is $300. Pour the mixed concrete into the hole until it is filled to the level of the playing surface. extension arms and the hoop. As youll find out, concrete mix can be difficult to move and its very easy to accidentally tear a bag open. Other requirements include mounting the pole on top of the foundation with bolts. If you have any additional accessories, such as court lighting, now is the time to install these. To install a basketball hoop, you may not have the necessary skill set or expertise. Square poles are more rigid than round poles, so they are preferred. The hardest part for most is just digging the hole. If you are unable to find someone with basketball hoop install experience, a fence installer would probably be your next best bet. Each model is a little different, so be sure to follow the directions for your specific unit. Giannis Antetokounmpos Knee Injury: Why Isnt The Two-Time MVP Playing. The Best Location to Install a Basketball Hoop, Buying a Basketball Hoop: What to Look for. Next, you will need to dig a hole in the ground that is big enough to fit the pole. Steps for Installing the Hoop 4. If you have an adjustable-height type of basketball hoop, youll assemble the lift mechanism and support arms according to the directions. Fixing a pole depends on the type of anchor being used. Do not let the mix sit for extended periods of time or you run the risk of letting it dry out. In the winter, our home has a concrete basketball base/footing 18 inches high, three to four feet deep, and does not heave. Check with your manufacturer and your specific model for recommendations on how to dig the hole, and how big it should be. DIY Basketball Hoop Install Part 1 Part one is the anchor installation. A regulation free throw line is 15 feet from the front of the backboard. I recommend using a decent kit like this Easy Basketball Court Stencil Kit(link to Amazon) to map out the court under the hoop. Inground basketball hoop installers; involves assembly and of in ground basketball systems. Having your new court installed as soon as possible is critical to its smooth operation. If you are unsure how to mix concrete, consult a professional. Our team of experts can assist you with all types of basketball hoops and accessories, and we have completed thousands of assembly projects. // ss_form.polling = true; // Optional parameter: set to true ONLY if your page loads dynamically and the id needs to be polled continually. Still on the fence on whether you should DIY basketball hoop installation or hire a professional? If youre looking for one, make sure to compare prices and get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. It takes anywhere from 4-6 hours to install an in-ground basketball hoop. What is the cost of installing basketball hoop? Installing an in-ground hoop would require 10-14 60lb bags of concrete, but it is recommended that you buy an extra bag or two just in case you need them. Repeat these steps as necessary until you have the appropriate amount of concrete. Acrylic, tempered glass, and polycarbonate are the three most common types of backboards. Each model is different, but there may be other support arms or cross braces to attach at this point. Acrylic backboard is suitable to use in public places. Once you have all the appropriate materials, start by opening 1-2 bags and pouring them into a large container. Properly mixed concrete should be wet, but firm enough to hold its shape and in an oatmeal-like consistency. The area where I want to install my inground system is on a berm that runs the length of the driveway. Once the concrete has dried, you will need to attach the backboard to the pole. You can learn how to install basketball hoops on the ground by reading this article. When the chisel will fit the in groove that has just been cut all the way around the square, deepen the groove until breaking occurs. [4] Part 2 Drilling into the Concrete 1 Because our Pros have completed thousands of installations, you can rely on high-quality work, prompt service, and a one-year warranty from us. 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Note that the backboard is also generally very heavy, and it may take several people working together to lift it up and get it installed. Once you have found a level spot, you will need to dig a hole for the pole. Next, its time to purchase the basketball hoop setup and install it in your yard. I'll make a drill template for my air powered 45lb rock drill and drill out 1.5" holes down about a foot or so. Backyard Sidekick also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzQyMjE3MAUA', 'formID': 'SzFLNbM0N0nUNbA0tNQ1STNL0rVMSksGcs0SE1NMTU2MDCwB'}; For cooler surroundings, wait an extra day or two. A 4"-6" diameter pole provides excellent performance and stability. ss_form.domain = ''; var ss_form = {'account': 'MzQyMjE3MAUA', 'formID': 'MzNPSkk1SzPQNUsxStM1MTI317VIMTTUNTc1Tk00MDU1SUq0AAA'}; Receive 72 drills, 32 plays & 7 shooting workouts! The average cost for a basic basketball hoop installation is $100 to $300. Installing this sleeve was as easy, if not easier than all the other reviews have indicated. For installing a basketball hoop in the ground, some knowledge is required. Contact me if you want a recommendation on the size or brand for your garment. The edge of the hole should be flush with the edge of the playing surface. Once the concrete is set, you can then put the pole in and secure it. For this step you will need the following tools to aid in the installation process: Part two begins with assembling and standing up your brand new goal once the concrete has cured. // ss_form.target_id = 'target'; // Optional parameter: forms will be placed inside the element with the specified id After allowing the concrete footing to set up for 4-5 days, the hoop can be installed. Theexperience and expertise of the professionalsmean they can get the job done faster and easier than you could on your own, and you know it will be done correctly the first time. Youve done your research and found the right basketball hoop for your family now its time for the exciting part! For a professional experience, tempered glass is the BEST CHOICE! Heres everything you need to know when shopping around for a basketball hoop, how to install a basketball hoop, and why you should consider professional installation. The fact that it is anchored by 4 feet of concrete in the ground and is made up of thick steel posts and structures makes it appear that it will not break down over time. Experience with concrete is preferred. Digging a hole large enough for the basketball hoop post is not easy to do by hand, and if you dont have an auger or backhoe, you may need to rent equipment to complete the task. Click to reveal No need to dig, pour concrete or hire an expert: your current portable hoop goal (with vertical or angled pole) is compatible with PROBASE. Part one is the anchor installation. You must dig a deep enough hole so that the metal bars that hold the hoops anchor are placed in the correct size, as well as use play sand or another base material to minimize sand spills. A mixture that is too thin lacks the strength needed to properly hold the steel pole in place. A basketball hoop can be a big purchase and a big decision for your property, so youll want to make sure you get the best kind for your family and install it in the best location. If they come in separate pieces, I found it easier to install the wall mount when it was a standalone piece by itself. Fill the hole with concrete and set the manufacturer's anchor system. Walk into any home improvement store and youll see a variety of mixes that advertise fast setting, high-strength, crack resistant, etc. Remember, a strong foundation is your key to success! And having a professional install your hoop means you can get to the fun part much faster. When you purchase your basketball hoop from us, well work with you to provide a seamless installation process that gets your family on the court in no time. To make an appointment, you must be a member of the credit card network. Additional work with fitness equipment and furniture is also available. 5990 S. Val Vista Dr.Chandler, AZ 85249Phone: 480-224-2100, Is LeBron James Fat? Each tube is equipped with an LED light, which feeds it through the hoop at the end. Portable basketball hoop installation is simple and easy to do. But if your setup includes a mounting anchor, its time to assemble and raise the pole. This step involves digging the aforementioned four-foot-deep hole, pouring the concrete, and then setting and leveling the anchor. The amount of concrete to be poured will be determined by the size of the hole that was dug to allow the pole to be placed on the foundation structure. Delivery is curbside and we recommend having someone to help with receiving the product. The installation of a basketball goal in the concrete below is extremely dangerous, and should never be attempted. A static rim stays in place without moving, and is a great option for beginners or as a more economical choice, but should not be used for dunking. If you feel like you could use some help on any of those steps, I suggest looking somewhere like HomeAdvisor Handyman Services where you can find a local helper to give you a hand. Should I DIY My Basketball Hoop Installation or Hire a Professional? If you have a larger backyard and enough room in the budget, you may want to consider a dedicated area or even a full-size basketball court. However, if youre simply trying to follow the instructions for your hoop, your standard High-Strength mix will do just fine. That sounds simple enough right? be suspended too far. It is also rust and corrosion resistant. Then loop the net around each of the hooks on the rim to have your net fully installed, and you are all ready to SHOOT! For a concrete or brick wall, I would simply not use the lag bolts and use concrete anchors of an appropriate size to install the wall mount. Installing an in-ground basketball hoop can also take a lot of tools and specialized equipment. 3. If youre piecing these parts together yourself, be careful that not all companies make the equipment to the same specs. With professional installation, youll save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Temperatures below this threshold can cause all sorts of problems your average DIY installer is most likely not equipped to handle, nor would want to. To finish off, smooth out the top of the concrete with a trowel, and make sure everything is level. Out of the three, the tempered glass provides the best bounce and spin. The cost of the hoop is dependent on the size of the backboard and hoop extension. The diameter should not exceed that specified in the manufacturers instructions. A couple of these things can be shared with the entire family for many years to come. This is easy to do on an unfinished garage usually, because you can look on the inside of the wall and find a stud to use. Next, insert the pole into the hole and fill the hole with concrete. When the backboard is fully attached, its time to add the basketball rim and net. A basketball hoop is one of the most important pieces to a basketball court. The hoop should not be hanging over the street to keep players safe. On average, the cost for professional basketball goal installation ranges between $400 $600. Step 5: Mount the Hoop 9. This does not include the cost of the actual basketball hoop. Once the bars are aligned, fill the hole with concrete and level it using a trowel tool. ss_form.domain = ''; var ss_form = {'account': 'MzQyMjE3MAUA', 'formID': 'S7OwTDM0NjLWtUhMsdQ1MUgx1E1MMzcBspLNLUyN0pJTUxMB'}; And it's free. It is a risky installation to put an in-ground hoop on concrete without the assistance of an expert. Make sure the surface is smooth and there are no pockets of air. Basketball poles can fall from a variety of causes, including being weighed down by a dunker or being blown around. Knowing that you have spent quite a lot of money on purchasing the setup, you would not want to risk damages to save a few dollars. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzQyMjE3MAUA', 'formID': 'M7RISko1NTfXNTRMM9A1MTM20U00TjbXNTdJtDRJTEtKM0xLBgA'}; Please ask your sales associate for specific pricing for replacement part shipping, as it is based on location, weight, and size. In-ground basketball hoops come with one-piece, two-piece and three-piece poles. A thicker pole provides you with a better playing experience. Ive actually added pieces of 24 into the wall to keep the hoop centered where I wanted it. The post will likely be very heavy and may require a few people to lift it into place. Add water according to what the instructions dictate. By this point, your basketball hoop is almost ready to play! To install an in- ground basketball hoop, first dig a hole that is at least 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Here are some of the most important things to think about before you buy your basketball hoop: An in-ground basketball hoop is a large purchase, so youll want to make sure you choose the right seller. Then, you need to pour concrete into the hole and let it set. So if you have the space, and youre picky, you can check out all the official measurements. The next step is to insert the pole into the hole and fill the hole with concrete. All Rights This will provide stability to your basketball hoop. Concrete is rated by its compressive strength, which means: how much pressure per square inch can a standard cylinder of concrete withstand before breaking. Youll have your own basketball hoop up in no time and ready for the whole family to shoot some hoops! This is because the hole needs to be 4 feet deep with a 16 diameter. We can pour concrete into your existing garage or create a new concrete slab for a car port, basketball court, etc Click to learn more and to get a free, no-obligation . Make sure that the post is level, and use the bolts to secure it into place. // ss_form.hidden = {'field_id': 'value'}; // Modify this for sending hidden variables, or overriding values This hoop features a regulation-size 72"x42" perforated steel backboard and a 6x8 steel post. Ask your Superior Play System for more info. The only thing that threw me for a loop was the amount of concrete the directions said it needed - 6 90lb. Basketball is an important part of a players game because having one at home or somewhere else is extremely important. Hold the mounting system up to the wall. If your basketball hoop setup is simply a pole in the cement, you can skip ahead to the backboard. We still need the area marked due to state regulations; there is no way to tell if the previous installer installed it. If you plan on practicing for an actual basketball game, Itd be nice to have at least that much space on the court. If this is the case, have someone or two people hold the pole level while another pours the concrete around it. In most cases, hoops will come with a lifetime warranty. If you have prior experience in installing a basketball hoop, or doing similar work, you might consider installing the hoop yourself. x 2 in. The best sellers are those that offer post-purchase support such as installation and customer care. If you anticipate some slam dunks on your home setup, a breakaway rim is the best choice. He writes about about basketball news, tips, NBA teams and more. MIXING CONCRETE FOR AN IN-GROUND INSTALLATION The secret to a long-lasting basketball hoop is in foundation. Once youve considered all of the options available for your basketball hoop, you can decide what is best for your family and your location. round pole (3 piece), straight round . Once a year I like to go out and check the tightness of all the bolts again, usually when spring starts before the hoop starts getting a lot use. Noblesville, IN 46060 | (317) 773-3545 Its all personal preference which approach you take here. (Don't worry, we'll never use your email for anything other than keeping you informed about upcoming sales - we hate spam too!). // ss_form.polling = true; // Optional parameter: set to true ONLY if your page loads dynamically and the id needs to be polled continually. For good balance and safety, 2 feet to 4 feet of overhang is ideal. A hinge ground anchor system enables you to easily move your hoop from one location to another. We are looking for people with pick-up trucks, cargo vans, or sprinter vans. Now, youll have to leave the cement to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours. Whatever you can do to ensure its stability is always encouraged. If you love basketball and want to practice your shots any time of the day, purchasing your own basketball hoop is the best option. bag, youll want to use 6 pints or 2.8 L of water, or for a 60 lb. This will provide stability to your basketball hoop. Make sure the bars are properly aligned. // ss_form.hidden = {'field_id': 'value'}; // Modify this for sending hidden variables, or overriding values ss_form.width = '100%'; ss_form.width = '100%'; Price matching is at the sole discretion of and its employees, and may not apply to special sales and promotions, including, but not limited to Black Friday. To install a basketball hoop on the garage, you will need a basketball hoop wall mount and compatible basketball backboard and rim. Additional work with fitness equipment and furniture is also available. Save $200 off + USE CODE SBXGIFT TO GET A FREE GIFT WITH SBX60 HOOP PURCHASE. Correct Installation Method The correct procedure for installing an in ground, bolt down basketball goal is as follows: 1. You will need 12 - 13 bags of the mix for a full hurdle, but the amount of water needed may vary depending on weather conditions.

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